What method do you use to test your pregnancy after the menstruation of pregnant mothers is delayed?

As long as the menstruation of women is delayed, the first reaction is whether they are pregnant and basically do not think about other aspects.Then, how long the menstruation can be tested for pregnancy, what methods can accurately measure pregnancy, and when to test the best time to test pregnancy, the following editors will share with you.


Generally, the early pregnancy test strip we use is one of the simplest and most intuitive methods of pregnancy as soon as possible.This method of pregnancy testing is very simple. It didn’t take long for women to be detected by urine at home.Generally, 8-10 days after the same room can be measured. Of course, the longer the time, the more accurate.

The urine of pregnant women from 7 to 10 days of pregnancy (better for the first morning urine) will appear a specific hormone -chorionic gonadotropin HCG. Early pregnancy test strip is to test whether this substance is to be pregnant., But how long will it take to test the more obvious results? Generally, it takes 10 days to 14 days.


Basic body temperature test.This test method is the earliest method of testing the start time and the longest test time, because the body temperature must be measured at least one week daily.Measure the body temperature after waking up every morning. At this time, the body temperature is called the basic body temperature.Generally, the body temperature of women before ovulation is below 36.5 degrees.If the high temperature curve of the basal body temperature is more than 18 days, it can be initially determined to be pregnant.

B ultrasound examination of pregnancy.Generally, you can go to the hospital for a B -ultrasound in about a week after menstruation delay. To detect whether you are pregnant. If you can see the pregnancy halo under the B -ultrasound, you will show your pregnancy.

Blood HCG detects pregnancy time.Blood HCG detection is generally going to the hospital about 10 days after the same room to do blood HCG to check the content of blood HCG in the blood.


Netizens and mothers test their pregnancy after you menopause. What methods do you use to test your pregnancy? Share and share your experience with us.

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