What kind of experience is pregnancy?

Pregnancy is like a long -term roller coaster.

Happy: When I first learned that I was pregnant, I was very happy, because I have been irregular for a year, and I often do n’t have menstruation for a few months. I have a little doubt whether I will affect my pregnancy. I also go to see the old Chinese medicine medicineAs a result, the second month we just released, we were pregnant.

Difficulty period (1-3): In the first three months, there will be pregnancy. I am not very symptoms of vomiting, but I will reflux, especially at night, when I sleep in the middle of the night, it is too common.I have eaten soda biscuits. Also, I really can’t smell the smell of fishy and oil fume. All the meals are not fragrant. The food that I liked before was at that time.Prevention, you can’t be disgusting, even if you think of it, you will be disgusting.At that time, my favorite food was raw tomato, which was particularly greasy.

Comfortable period (4-6): After the first three months, you have entered the most comfortable period, and this time is also 3 months.The symptoms of acid, heart burning, and nausea will have significantly improved, but they still have not reached a state of pre -pregnancy.At this time, the weight of the belly has not yet come up, and the overall feelings are relatively easy.

The slow period of action (7-9): The most obvious thing during this period is that the belly is getting bigger and heavier. The whole person looks like a low speed, and everything is lazy.My actions include speaking very slowly, and emotions are much more stable than before.And the more slower, the slower.During this period, frequent urination began to appear, because the uterus compressed the bladder and was acidic, because the uterus raised the stomach.Many people also have constipation. I am lucky, but occasionally there are poor bowel movements, because I often eat roasted sweet potatoes, and my husband uses a microwave to roast. The method is very simple. It tastes as delicious as I bought outside.Many pregnant women appetite during this period, and remember to control weight.Starting from 8 months, edema appeared. The previous shoes could not be worn. The feet were pressed as a pit, and the more serious the later period.

Extreme fatigue period (10): I thought it was the most uncomfortable before pregnancy before pregnancy. I didn’t find that the previous one was nothing, and the most uncomfortable one was the last month.This month, you will feel extremely tired. You are very tired at a moment. You may still breathe. Sitting can no longer alleviate your fatigue. In the last month, I spent on the bed.In addition, frequent urination and acid reflux, and eating souted biscuits can no longer be relieved. Later, I made a small slope on my bed to raise my upper body and sleep steadily at night.The waist will be very sour and from time to time, pseudo contractions will cause pelvic bones to have a cracking pain. This pain is still incomparable with real contractions. This is still tolerated.

At this stage, I have been in a state of mental tightness, especially when I sleep at night, there is a fake contraction. I can only observe it secretly and find that there is no real launch before I dare to sleep.I also started to prepare things to be given birth. I am afraid that I do n’t know when it will be launched, and I can start at any time.

In general, there are fluctuations and changes during the entire pregnancy period. Whether it is physical or emotional, because the time is long, it is a great test of the body and psychology of pregnant women.Pregnant mothers who want to go to work.Therefore, during pregnancy, her husband needs more care and care, and also take care of all aspects of the pregnant woman, and face it with the pregnant mother together. Finally, I wish all pregnant mothers can successfully benefit the healthy little baby.

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