What is the increase in secretions during pregnancy?Is it normal?

Many mothers will reflect the increased secretions during pregnancy, and they are also worried that this situation is normal. Today, let’s take a look at the problem of increasing secretions during pregnancy with sisters. Let’s learn and study together.

1. Why does the vaginal secretion increase after pregnancy?

The increase in vaginal secretions during pregnancy is normal.The vaginal secretion you noticed may be normal leucorrhea, which is a tasteless or slightly flavorful milky substance.You occasionally see such vaginal secretions on your own underwear before pregnancy, but now more than before.

Part of the reason for the increase in vaginal secretions is due to the increase in the increase in estrogen secretion and the increase in blood flow flowing to the vagina.These vaginal secretions are composed of secretions flowing out of cervix and vagina, aging cells in the vaginal wall and normal flora from the vagina.

When you are near -child, you may notice that more vaginal secretions appear, and it seems to be a bit different from your previous secretions.When you are pregnant very early, the cervical secretion is filled with your cervical canal, forming a protective barrier, the so -called cervical mucus.

When the cervix starts to thin and opens, it may be excreted. These vaginal secretions look like egg whites or clear snot flowing in the sky.The mucus bolt may even be discharged like a large group of gel, which may be slightly bloody.

2. How to judge whether your vaginal secretion is abnormal?

If a large amount of thin and transparent liquid flows out of your vagina, may it be difficult for you to judge that it is just mucus or amniotic fluid leak?If you have any doubts about such vaginal secretions, go to the hospital for treatment.

If you are less than 37 weeks, you find that the vaginal discharge increases or the properties of the vaginal discharge changes. If it becomes thin, like mucus, or vaginal discharge is bloodyBrown, please go to the hospital immediately to find a doctor.This may be a sign of premature birth.

If you suspect that you are infected, you should also contact your doctor.If your vaginal discharge is tasteless, it is yellow and white, and it makes you feel uncomfortable (such as the vulva, the vaginal itching or burning sensation), or your vulva looks a bit red and swollen, you may have a rosary beads, you may have a rosary beadBacterial vaginitis.

If your vaginal secretion produces a bad smell, foam -shaped, yellow, green or gray, you may have different types of vaginal infections or sexually transmitted infections.Go to the hospital for medical treatment.

In these cases, don’t try to treat yourself with over -the -counter medicine.It is very important to let the doctor diagnose vaginal secretions and treat it appropriately.

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