What is the harm of lack of qi and blood?It will make it difficult for you to get pregnant and lose your face value

Many people in life have more or less cases of lack of qi and blood. Some people do not take the lack of qi and blood, and think that it is not a big deal. Do not need to specifically condition and treat it.If you think so too, you’re wrong!

Huang Hanchao, deputy director of the Chinese Medicine Hospital of Guangdong Province, said in an interview with family doctors that women’s life is closely related to qi and blood.Let your face decrease straight!

The influence of qi and blood affects women with great influence or difficulty in conception

In the eyes of some people, lack of qi and blood is common, and it is not too serious. Therefore, it is not attentive to conditioning the treatment of qi and blood.The influence, "Insufficient qi and blood will comprehensively affect people’s daily lives, the adverse effects on women are more obvious.

First of all, insufficient qi and blood will have adverse effects on women’s menstruation, which will lead to a reduction in women’s menstruation.

In addition, when women are insufficient qi and blood, qi and blood cannot promote blood operation, menstrual blood will accumulate in the body, and it will pain if it does not communicate. Some women will have dysmenorrhea."

In addition to irregular menstruation and dysmenorrhea that makes women feel uncomfortable daily, insufficient qi and blood will also affect women’s fertility. "Although insufficient qi and blood will not necessarily cause women to be infertile, it will cause women to conceive difficulties.It is necessary to support qi and blood. If the condition of qi and blood is not good, it will reduce the chance of conception.

Therefore, Deputy Director Huang Hanchao emphasized that the life of women is closely related to qi and blood, and female friends must focus on adjusting their qi and blood.

Insufficient qi and blood affects the face value: let you lose your hair and get old quickly

In addition to affecting menstruation and fertility, there is another reason for women to increase the importance of lack of qi and blood. Deputy Director Huang Hanchao told the family doctor to edit that insufficient qi and blood will also affect the element of beauty who loves beauty most:Beauty value.

"Many women want a dark and dense hair, but if the qi and blood are insufficient, this dense will be discounted. Our hair and kidney qi are related.The virtuality and Shengsheng directly manifests that it is easy to lose hair, hair is difficult to grow or even bald. "

In addition, Deputy Director Huang Hanchao also said that people with insufficient qi and blood are so fast that it does not make sense. "The blood and blood are mainly supported and the brain.The weakness of qi will cause lack of kidney qi.

Whether the kidney qi is strong or not is closely related to the aging status of human beings. When the blood is less than long, it will affect kidney qi and even the deficiency of kidney essence, so the speed of human aging will significantly speed up."

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