What is the fetus in the nineteen weeks of pregnancy?

The two met each other and fell in love, and finally entered the palace of marriage. This was a very happy thing.After enjoying the world of the two, the couple will gradually start to consider the child’s affairs.A happy family needs children’s participation.In the process of pregnancy, expectant mothers can also experience a lot. From the beginning of early pregnancy reaction to the middle of pregnancy and the late pregnancy, it is difficult to work hard.However, at the moment the child is born, these will be covered by joy.

Pregnancy is a stage that every woman has to go through. During pregnancy, all pregnant women will show different symptoms.In different months of pregnancy, in dozens of weeks, the symptoms of expectant mothers are changing. So what kind of symptoms will the prospective mothers in 19 weeks of pregnancy show?Will the baby move during this period?What changes will the skin’s skin change?Does the surroundings of the ligament hurt?

The symptoms presented during pregnancy are not the same.The nineteenth weeks of expectant mothers are about half of the pregnancy time, and the expectant mother can produce in more than ten weeks.Nineteen weeks of pregnancy are in the middle of the second pregnancy. During this period, it is called the "Golden pregnancy", mainly because the overall feeling of expectant mothers will be better at this stage, and there is no early pregnancy response.There are some symptoms in the nineteen weeks of pregnancy, and I will tell you one by one.

Ligament pain

The Female Health Center reported that in the nineteenth weeks of pregnancy, it was a very normal thing to have ligament pain.The ligament is linked to the uterus, and the thickness of the ligament is less than one -fourth.During the second pregnancy, the ligament becomes larger, and it will become more tight at the same time.Some of the moves of expectant mothers may cause the ligament to expand, which will cause the mothers to pain under the abdomen of the prospective mother, and the pain is very long.

Uterine expansion

The uterus will reach the center at the nineteen weeks of pregnancy.For those prospective mothers with normal weight, at this time they will feel that the meat in the abdomen is stronger than before pregnancy. At the same time, the meat here will be slightly raised. After nineteen weeks of pregnancy, the expectant mother wants to wear usual.There may be some difficulties in clothes.For the overweight mothers, during this period, it is difficult to identify the outline of the uterus.

Changes in the skin

At nine weeks of pregnancy, the changes related to the skin -related skin will be obvious, which makes a lot of expectant mothers feel very annoyed.The general skin changes can affect most women, and these changes may also be related to the level of estrogen.The changes in the skin include the nipples, the center position, and the skin under the axillary will deepen, and the pigment will begin to appear on the face of the expectant mothers. Some expectant mothers will also have melasma.When the expectant mother was pregnant nineteen weeks, stretch marks also started to appear, and the meat quality or moles of expectant mothers may grow during this period.The feet and palms of expectant mothers will become much more rosy than before, and it will be more itchy than usual.On the face, there may be dilated blood vessels on the shoulders and arms, which is called spider hemangioma.

Fetal movement

In the second, third or longer pregnancy, expectant mothers can already feel fetal movement.According to the news of the American Pregnancy Association, it is the first time from the eighteenth to 20 weeks to feel the fetal movement time.The fetal movement is a bit like a slight vibration or a butterfly movement, which occurs in the skin of the expectant mother.At nine weeks of pregnancy, expectant mothers just felt the fetal movement, and the movement of the fetus kicking the mother’s movement happened later.

The above is the change of the expectant mother at 19 weeks.Although it is said that it will be relatively safe at nineteen weeks of pregnancy, expectant mothers should always pay attention in their daily life, and do not let the danger occur.

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