What is the difference between Yin Chao and abdomen B -ultrasound?Can pregnant women do yin super?

Speaking of B -ultrasound, many people are not unfamiliar. Everyone knows that it is a kind of examination that can help understand the substantive organs of the body. It is widely used clinically. Especially women can be used as conventional examination projects.And B -ultrasound is divided into Yin | Dao B ultrasound and abdomen B -ultrasound. Many women feel the difference between these two inspections during inspection?So what kind of examination should pregnant women do?

In fact, which test of pregnant women should be determined according to the time of pregnancy.

Yin Chao means that the ultrasonic probe is placed in the vagina to observe the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes and other organs in the vagina. Before the inspection, women do not need to urinate to fill the bladder.The relaxation state can be checked quickly.

The B -ultrasound is an ultrasonic probe to check the organs through the bladder of the abdomen on the abdomen. Generally, women need to drink water before inspection.The intestines that are filled with diuretic diuretic filling and squeezing the intestines and covering in front of each attachment can make the ultrasonic waves reach the pelvic cavity through the abdomen, and the uterus and ovarian conditions are displayed in detail.Relatively speaking, the abdomen B ultrasound is also vulnerable to obese, intestinal gas and other interference to affect the test results.

Yin | Tao B ultrasound compared to the abdomen B -ultrasound, various results can be obtained more intuitive and accurate.Therefore, in the early pregnancy, pregnant women can do vaginal B -ultrasound within three months of pregnancy. At this time, they can be diagnosed with intrauterine pregnancy to eliminate ectopic pregnancy.In addition, you can also understand the development of tire buds through Yin Chao, especially women who have had cesarean section. Through vaginal B -ultrasound, you can rule out whether the gestational sac is on the incision.

However, if it is in the middle of pregnancy or the third trimester, pregnant women must choose the abdomen B -ultrasound, because the expansion of the uterine will gradually decrease, and the vaginal B -ultrasound will stimulate the uterus, which will cause contractions to cause premature or abortion.Can be checked in detail.And at this time, because the uterus expansion, no urination is required before the examination, it can also shorten the examination time and let the ultrasonic probe observe in detail.

Generally speaking, Yin | Tao B ultrasound is different from B -ultrasound, so women must decide on their own situation before choosing. If the vagina is inflamed, choose the abdomen B -ultrasound, especially pregnant women.In the early pregnancy, you should decide to be suitable for your own inspection according to your own situation, and you must relax during inspection, which can shorten the check time and improve the accuracy.In addition, do not communicate too much with the doctor during the examination, which will affect the doctor’s misdiagnosis and let the doctor make a wrong treatment method.

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