What is the cause of bleeding during pregnancy?What are the emergency measures?

Bleeding and emergency measures caused by different causes:

There is no doubt that bleeding is the most panicked phenomenon during pregnancy.In fact, bleeding is quite common. A small amount of bleeding or mild bleeding is often a sign of miscarriage. In the end, it does not necessarily cause miscarriage. HoweverIt may cause bleeding to understand.

Physiological bleeding

After conception, some pregnant moms will still have a small amount of menstrual bleeding during menstrual periods. Generally, there are no other symptoms (such as abdominal pain and menstrual discomfort), which may be just a physiological reaction of pregnant eggs.

Emergency measures: This situation does not need to be treated, as long as the vulva is kept clean.


The placental and uterine walls are separated, and the uterus is stimulated, which will shrink the uterus, expand cervix, and flow out of the uterus.This kind of bleeding is mostly accompanied by lower abdomen pain, the amount of bleeding is from less to large, the color is from dark to red, and abdominal pain has gradually developed from hidden pain to more severe pain.

Emergency measures: The amount of vaginal bleeding is not much (less than the menstrual volume), and a threatened abortion is diagnosed.Principles: Absolutely bed rest; application of sedatives; progesterone for endocrine therapy; vitamin E therapy, closely observed.

However, if a large amount of vaginal bleeding (exceeding menstrual flow), shrinking and changing, abdominal pain is excreted, bleeding is constantly, and the diagnosis is inevitable or aborted.Essence

Ectopic pregnancy

When the fertilized eggs develop to a certain extent, the fallopian tube wall will break and bleed.Because this kind of bleeding is flowing in the abdominal cavity, there may not be much bleeding through vaginal flow, but it is often accompanied by severe colic.

Emergency measures: After menopause, vaginal hemorrhage is accompanied by lower abdominal pain. We must pay great attention to it. You must go to the hospital for diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy.If the lower abdomen pain occurs at home, call 120. Before the ambulance comes, the head should be low and the feet high to keep quiet and prevent bleeding, because bleeding can cause anemia and shock.It is also important to keep it insulating with blankets and other objects.


The abortion of hydatidies is generally 2-3 months after the amenorrhea.Bleeding is mostly intermittent and a small amount of bleeding, but some will repeatedly bleed repeatedly.

Emergency measures: In the early stages of pregnancy, the uterine B ultrasound monitor embryo development, and hydatids can be found early.If the early pregnancy response is severe, it is necessary to check and eliminate hydatids in a timely manner. Once bleeding, you should quickly send it to the hospital for emergency treatment. In the short term delay, you may cause more blood loss and endanger pregnant mummy.


If the pregnant mummy is too tired and the work pressure is high in early pregnancy, it may also cause a small amount of vaginal bleeding.

Emergency measures: Keep a quiet, enough rest and comfortable mood, and treat tire protection if necessary.

Vagina and cervical lesions

It is often manifested as an irregular vaginal bleeding or blood -based secretions. It is easy to occur after vaginal examination or sexual intercourse, but no abdominal pain.Common lesions include vaginal or cervic inflammation, cervical erosion, cervical polyps, and uterine mucosal fibroids take off the cervical or cervical cancer.Generally, there are symptoms such as abdominal pain, which will not directly cause abortion.

Emergency measures: Do a good pre -pregnancy examination, cooperate with doctors for treatment, and do well in maintenance.

Front placenta

The main characteristics are the painless vaginal bleeding in the third trimester (28-38 weeks of pregnancy), and there is often no cause of inducement.The morning and evening of vaginal bleeding, the number of repeated attacks, and the amount of bleeding are related to the type of the front placenta.

The complete prenatal placenta is about 28 weeks of pregnancy. Occasionally, there are 20 weeks of pregnancy. The number of times is frequent and the amount is large. Sometimes a large amount of bleeding can cause the patient to be in a shock state.The first placenta bleeding on the edge of the edge occurred late, and even the property side had bleeding, and the amount was less.The bleeding of partial pre -placenta is between the two.

Emergency measures: Absolutely rest in bed, give sedation, hemostasis, and hemorrhage drugs, such as Lian Ning, vitamin K, iron sulfate, etc. After the bleeding stops completely, it will be arranged as appropriate.For pregnant mothers, dizziness, abdominal pain, contraction, blood pressure or decreased hemoglobin, fetal heart changes, etc. need to contact the doctor in time.

Early divestiture of placenta

There may be a large amount of bleeding, or there may be a small amount or even no bleeding.The abdomen continues to have tightness pain, and the fetal movement decreases or disappears.

Emergency measures: Immediately admitted to the hospital for delivery or cesarean section.

Premature birth

In the middle and late pregnancy, vaginal redness occurs, or abdominal pain and water breaking. The uterus is strongly contracted and caused a sense of falling. The belly is obviously hardened. These are signs of premature birth.

Emergency measures: If it has not reached the full moon, irregular uterine contraction or a small amount of vaginal bleeding have occurred. Doctors will instructed pregnant moms to use medicine to inhibit contractions and continue to maintain pregnancy as much as possible.If the contraction rules and the cervix are opened after inspection, premature birth is inevitable at this time. Doctors will take emergency measures to increase the survival rate of premature babies.

360 common sense network reminds that the causes and conditions of bleeding during pregnancy vary from person to person, and the degree of danger is different.Although 80%of bleeding does not affect normal pregnancy, it cannot ignore another 20%.For caution, to avoid life -threatening such as bleeding, you still have to go to the hospital.

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