What is the baby who has not become a fetus in the early stages of pregnancy?Detailed explanation of the development of baby 1 to 8 weeks of pregnancy

A mother said: I heard that in October, I thought that pregnancy was really pregnant in October. Later, I found that the pregnancy was only more than nine months, and it started from the first day of the last menstruation.

And in October in October, calculated by 28 days a month, the start time starts from the first day of the last menstruation, so it is 280 days in total.

The beginning of life kicked off from the preparation period of the egg.In October, the entire pregnancy period was divided into three phase of embryo period (0 ~ 2 weeks), embryo period (3 ~ 8 weeks), and fetal period (9-40 weeks).In other words, our fetus was slowly formed after nine weeks.And when the fetus is not the fetus from the 0-8 weeks, what is the course of the baby?

1-2 weeks of pregnancy:

The endometrium that is thickened to meet the coming eggs will leave sadly if the eggs are not fertilized. Our menstruation is the endometrium falling off.

After menstruation, the eggs also slowly matured in the ovaries and gradually became larger.After the maturity period comes, the body can be excreted to let the sperm find yourself.

After the menstruation ended, the endometrium began to thickened again, and began to wait for fertilized eggs to bed.

Everything is in an orderly manner.

3 weeks of pregnancy

The eggs are mature and rowed out, and hundreds of millions of sperm enters the mother, but in the end, the sperm that can not be sour through stenosis and acidic vagina will eventually indicate that the reproductive ability is stronger.When the sperm passes through the empty uterus, some sperm are lost. In the end, there are only 200 sperm that can be directly reached to the fallopian tube. In the end, only one sperm and egg finally met and love each other.

Most of the time, women excrete only one egg. Some twins in the family may have two eggs secreted, so the two sperm meets different eggs respectively, so a pair of twins that are not very similar are born.EssenceIf a man and a woman, the dragon and phoenix tires are bispyoscopic, that is, two eggs secrete.

After the sperm eggs are combined into a fertilized egg, cell division will be performed. At this time, the embryo is like a small small tadpole with a small long tail.It slowly moved to bed in the uterus.

4 weeks of pregnancy:

At this time, the embryo is very small, and it is not necessarily that the B -ultrasound may not be seen.There is no symptom of mother.It may be less than one millimeter.

A tube is formed in the center of the bottom of the fertilized egg, which is the brain and spine in the future.At this time, you must pay attention to supplement folic acid, and you cannot use the medication.The embryo is too small.

5 weeks of pregnancy:

Don’t look at the fetus is only 1.2 mm, but it has entered a period of rapid development. The head and tail have been separated. There are protruding sections on both sides of the nerve tube of the embryo. Later, it will develop into spine, ribs, muscles, etc.

The heart of the fetus has begun to work, but because of the small range, it is not heard outside.

6 weeks of pregnancy:

From 6 weeks, the embryo has slowly had the shape of the fetus, and the facial features have begun to form.The fetal brain development is getting faster and faster.At this time, the pregnant woman already knew the presence of the baby’s baby, started to appetite, or started to vomit. It didn’t matter if she couldn’t eat something. The fetus was too small and did not need too much nutrition.support.

7 weeks of pregnancy:

The fetus has 5 mm. This trivial number of millimeters allow doctors to see the germ and its running small heart in a clear B -ultrasound.

At this time, the mother can go to a birth check. Generally, she is a vaginal ultrasound. It mainly depends on whether the fetus is internal pregnancy or ectopic pregnancy.

8 weeks of pregnancy:

The baby’s baby is really like one week, and it is about to leave the embryo period to become the fetus.There are already 15 mm at this time.The relatively small parts of the ears and eyelids have grown.

This is the development of the baby’s 0-8 weeks. Be sure not to take medicine in the early pregnancy.

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