What is the "fetus" of 60 days?After watching it, it makes people cry, netizens: I really can’t bear it



It is not difficult to find out that the infertility department of the hospital is middle -aged, but there are many young people in the abortion department. Young people seem to be accustomed to abortion.Baby, but when you don’t want to be responsible, go to the hospital.

I wonder if you have seen the "fetus" that has been seen for 60 days?There is a related picture on the Internet. The picture is a 60 -day embryo. He was held in the hands of a doctor. The embryo was developing with the naked eye, and he could see his hands and feet.: I really can’t bear it.

And around us, there are also many people who have exposed to miscarriage. The first child of the girlfriend is because of the failure to take safety measures and cause pregnancy. In the end, we can only have a miscarriage.When I got married, I couldn’t keep it when I really wanted the baby. The doctor told my girlfriend that because I had done a few abortion before, I caused harm to the body.

① physical damage

Before women do people, doctors will tell them that the flow of people will cause certain harm to the body.For example, the wall of the uterine will become thinner, and if an accident occurs, the cervical mouth will also be injured. In the future, it will affect the bed of the fertilized eggs, leading to the occurrence of infertility.Therefore, before the flow of people, women must consider whether they can accept such consequences, and some data show that the more people flow, the higher the probability of infertility.

②, psychological damage

In addition to causing damage to women’s bodies, it cannot be underestimated for women’s psychological trauma, because many girls choose the flow of people is not what they want, but a relationship cannot continue, or other other feelings, or othersFor the reason, they also regret it for such an innocent life.Although psychological trauma cannot be seen from the outside, it will always exist in the heart of women. Some frequent women have a greater probability of depression than ordinary people.

With the development of science and technology, many people choose to be born in order to be irresponsible, and this is not only a physical harm, but also has a lot of impact on their psychology.Therefore, everyone must make plans. If you do n’t want children, you have to take good measures. If you want a child, you must consider the following factors.

1. Psychological preparation

Raising and educating children is a very important responsibility for young couples. If they are not considered, let the baby come to this world, it is actually irresponsible to them.The arrival of life.

Second, economic conditions

Nourishing children require a lot of expenses. Even if some middle -aged couples are raising children, they will inevitably worry about money, let alone young parents.If the family’s economic conditions are not good, both the couple may wish to work hard, because in a family with lack of economic scarcity, parents will blame their children because they are responsible.Psychological problems.

Third, family division of labor

It is also a question that children to bring after being born, because young couples have to continue to work after giving birth to babies, so who educates children, who will bring children, and who will take care of when Baoma takes care of confinement.All must be discussed in advance.So as not to wait for the child to be born, unnecessary troubles and responsibilities are pushed away, and each member of the family must bear part of their own responsibilities.

Children are the crystallization of the parent’s fate and the future hope of the family. For parents, giving birth to a child does not represent the completion of the task.We also have to be responsible for the physical and mental health of our children. We cannot destroy the arrival of life because we are immature and irresponsible.

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