What is hypertension during pregnancy?After pregnancy, these things have to be firm

It’s not easy to have a child now!Ms. Jin, 41, was pregnant for several years before she succeeded in having her child. As an elderly mother, she also resigned specifically to raise her fetus at home. After about 20 weeks of carefulness, she had high blood pressure.By 34 weeks, the blood pressure soared to 190, so the caesarean section had a child, and the whole process could be described as thrilling.

Generally speaking, if pregnant women do not have hypertension before pregnancy, the hypertension that occurs after 20 weeks of pregnancy is called hypertension during pregnancy. With the increase of women’s first pregnancy, the number of elderly women increases, and hypertension during pregnancy also changes.It is more common, so women who intend to have childbirth are best to understand the knowledge of hypertension during pregnancy.

After pregnancy, pregnancy may cause some changes in women’s cardiovascular systems and cause hypertension.If the systolic blood pressure is greater than 140mmHg and the diastolic pressure is greater than 90mmHg, it is necessary to actively intervene. In fact, this diagnostic standard is the same as that of ordinary hypertension.However, the clinical manifestations of hypertension during pregnancy are still changing, the impact on pregnant women is relatively obvious, and the impact is relatively large.

In addition to the increased blood pressure, some pregnant women may have proteinuria, edema, and lower limbs edema. The more severe pregnant women may also have convulsions (eclampsia) and coma, which pose a threat to pregnant women and fetuses.Therefore, after pregnancy, it is found that hypertension must actively control blood pressure, and control blood pressure as much as possible within the normal range.

So how to prevent hypertension during pregnancy?First of all, the early pregnancy examination cannot be careless. Persistence on regular examination and paying attention to the test of blood pressure, urine protein, and weight.Secondly, the abnormal situation should be corrected in time during pregnancy.In addition, key groups should pay special attention. Pregnant women with previous history of diseases such as nephritis and hypertension may need to be guarded under the guidance of a doctor.Finally, maintain a good lifestyle, pay attention to rest and supplement nutrition.”””””

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