What is going on with nosebleeds in pregnant women?Symptoms of nosebleeds in pregnant women, what should pregnant women eat nosebleeds?

What is going on with nosebleeds in pregnant women? What should pregnant women eat nosebleeds?

Pregnancy will cause expectant mothers to secrete a large amount of progesterone to cause blood vessels to expand and congested, increase blood supply, and the blood capacity of expectant mothers is higher than that of non -pregnancy.Causes bleeding.

Due to different causes of nosebleeds in pregnant women, most people have nasal bleeding as one side when nosebleeds, and bilateral nosebleeds are rare.Repeated bleeding during nosebleeds, or persistent bleeding.

Most of the noseble parts of pregnant women are the capillary network area of the front of the bilateral nasal septum, also called Li’s district.This vascular network is superficial and distributed in the mucous membrane layer of the nasal septum.Sometimes spray or pulsation artery bleeding is visible.Flow blood caused by local diseases mostly occurs in one side nasal cavity, and those who cause systemic diseases may alternate or bleed at the same time on both sides of the nasal cavity.

Pregnant women may be more frequent than before pregnancy, and may appear in early, middle, and late pregnancy, especially in the middle and late stages of pregnancy.So, what is going on with nosebleeds in pregnant women?

Nose bleeding in pregnant women is a more common situation in life.Pregnant women’s nosebleeds are common in the mucosa vascular area before the nasal septum. Clinically, the region is rich in vascular vascular and superficial positions.During pregnancy, due to the increase in estrogen levels in the body, mucosal swelling in the Niche area, and vascular dilatation and congestion are more likely to cause nosebleeds.Occasionally a small amount of nasal bleeding during pregnancy will not cause serious impact on the body. After emotional stability, local compression or stimulation of blood vessel contraction, often bleeding will stop after a few minutes without having to take medicine or injections.

What should pregnant women eat nose blood?

Under normal circumstances, if pregnant women can eat more shrimp, they can prevent nosebleeds. In daily diet, pregnant women should eat more vitamin E, D, PP foods, such as vegetables and cabbage., Green vegetables, rapeseed, cucumber, tomato, etc. If pregnant women can eat more fruits, apples, peaches, mango, red dates, etc., as well as beans, milk, lean meat, eggs, etc. to enhance blood vessel elasticity.It is recommended that expectant mothers carry some paper towels to use them for later use.If you have nosebleeds, please do not be nervous. You can walk down or lie down in a cool place, look up, pinch your nose with your hands, and then dip the cotton or paper towels dipped in cold water.

What to do if pregnant women flow nosebleeds

1. Push the nose of the bleeding side to the bridge of the nose and keep it for 5-10 minutes to stop bleeding.If both sides are bleeding, the nose wings on both sides are pinched.After nasal blood stops, there are many coagulation clots in the nostrils. Do not rush to get it out, try to avoid sneezing and rubbing hard to prevent repercups.

2. Blert the left nostril, raise your right arm, bleed your right nostril, raise your left arm, and stop bleeding after a few minutes.

3. Take the appropriate amount of garlic, peel it into garlic, apply it on the feet, and wrap it with gauze to stop bleeding quickly.

4. Sit in a chair and soak your feet in hot water to stop nosebleeds.

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