What is going on with hypoxia for pregnant women?

During pregnancy, pregnant women may sometimes feel chest tightness and shortness of breath, and need to breathe large to feel better. This is a situation where pregnant women have hypoxia.Don’t worry, many pregnant women will have to varying degrees of hypoxia, but what are the symptoms of hypoxia in pregnant women? What should pregnant women do when hypoxia?

What are the symptoms of hypoxia for pregnant women?

Initial performance: The number of fetal movements at the beginning is large, and then the frequency of fetal movement will decrease slowly.The weakening of fetal movement is indicated that the fetal situation is more dangerous. It is necessary to test it every day to reflect the safety of the fetus through the condition of the fetal movement.

Testing method: Before the fetus was about to give birth, the fetus moved more than ten times before delivery.Every day pregnant women need to detect the number of fetal movements in the morning, middle, and evening respectively, and the total number of fetal movements is multiplied by the three times, which is expressed as the number of fetal movements of twelve hours.Excessive fetal movement, or less fetal movement, indicates that the fetus is hypoxic.

What should I do if pregnant women have hypoxia?

1. Examination and treatment

If pregnant women have no heart, lungs, etc., there is no need to treat special treatment when hypoxia.If pregnant women often feel chest tightness or breathlessness, and the symptoms are severe, and they even affect daily life. For example, they must go to regular hospitals to conduct electrocardiogram, heart function, ultrasonic heartbeat and other examinations.

2. Pregnant women’s self -psychological regulation

Each pregnant woman’s pregnancy response is not exactly the same, so no need is compared with other pregnant women.As long as pregnant women guarantee that they are relaxed and happy, they do not need to worry.If the indicator is normal during delivery, the pregnant woman has no disease, and the fetal growth and development are healthy, then simple and necessary recuperation can be performed, such as oxygen absorption, regular fetal monitoring, estimation of biophysical scores, releasing tension, maintaining a happy mood, etc.Essence

3. Ensure that pregnant women’s nutritional equilibrium

Make the necessary diet adjustment to ensure a balanced nutrition. If necessary, pregnant women need to hang venous nutrient solution to enhance physical fitness.

4. Oxygen health during pregnancy

Three times a day, about four minutes of oxygen.Pregnant women often perform oxygen -absorbing health, which is conducive to reducing the occurrence of various hypoxic diseases, and is beneficial to the healthy growth of the fetus.

5. Sleeping position on the left side

When pregnant women are resting, the sleeping position on the left side is suitable for the fetus to provide effective support.

6. Improve the living environment

Pay attention to the ventilation of pregnant women’s rooms, it is best to open the doors and windows frequently to ventilate.

New century experts remind: strengthening fetal custody is very important, because children may have hypoxia or even death at any time in the palace, and regular fetal electronic monitoring, B -ultrasound examination and fetal placental function testing will helpDiscover hypoxia in the fetus in time and take delivery in time.About 36 weeks of pregnancy is a good period of dying in the palace in the palace in the palace, and monitoring should be strengthened.

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