What impact will women’s use of birth rings on life?Advantages and disadvantages

The breeding ring believes that it is no stranger to many women. After all, the best power of contraceptiveness is the upper education ring.After many women have children, in order to save trouble, they use condoms or contraceptives every time they have sex, so they often choose to get on the birth ring.The birth ring looks like a "perfect" thing. So, is the birth ring really "perfect"?

One of the benefits is like condoms and contraceptives.

The second benefit is not to suppress ovulation, so it avoids the adverse reactions of contraceptives and contraception, which can be used for long -term contraception;

The third benefit is that it does not affect normal sexual life.This is not like condoms. Although condoms can contraception, it will also affect the pleasure of sexual life and trouble.

The first disadvantage was discomfort on the waist.Generally speaking, the breeding ring may cause contractions. After women on the rings, mild lower abdomen pain or backache may occur.

The second disadvantage is bleeding.After all, the birthplace is something inside and outside the human body. It can easily rub the cervical inner membrane and cause bleeding.If there is not much bleeding, you can return to normal in about a week without any care or treatment.

The third disadvantage is increased.Generally, within the three months after the nursery ring, the main reason is because it affects women’s ovulation.This is an inevitable disadvantage to appear in the last section, but generally only pay more attention, which has little effect on women.And in addition, women’s menstrual cycle may be extended, or irregular bleeding occurs.

The fourth disadvantage is infection.If the hospitals on the birth ring are not regular enough, or have previously related inflammation of the vagina, they will cause infection.

Finally, the benefits and disadvantages of the upper -festival education ring are just. So, what should women pay attention to after the nursery ring?

First, rest properly.When the ring was just on the ring, women’s cervix was generally loose, so do not work heavy within two days after the upper ring, so as to avoid causing the breeding ring to fall off.

Second, maintain hygiene.It is mainly to prevent infection. Therefore, pay attention to keeping the outer pussy, rinse warm water, and change the underwear.And within two weeks after the Shekuan, it is best not to have sex!

Third, pay attention to observation.If the symptoms that occur after the upper ring, such as abdominal pain, etc., will seek medical treatment in time.

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