What happened after pregnancy?These small knowledge, pregnant mothers have long learned!

Cousin An An liked to sleep after pregnancy. A few days ago, she said that she always dreamed of, for example, just dreaming of a little dragon yesterday.Today, I dreamed that the little baby in the stomach was driving in advance, and every time she shocked herself, her mother -in -law said that her baby dream, and it also hinted that the sex of the baby in the belly was likely.boy.At that time, she didn’t believe it. When she went online to check it online, she found that many pregnant mothers had had fetal dreams, and the older generations also specifically interpreted the baby dreams. They often had "dreams" after pregnancy.Is the interpretation reliable?May be different from what you think

In order to figure out whether the older generation’s interpretation was reliable, the cousin also asked the doctor in this regard when he went to the birth check. As a result, the doctor told her not to think too much. In fact, the baby dream was far from what we thought.

What happened after pregnancy?These small knowledge, pregnant mothers have long learned!

Some people say that they can judge whether the children in their stomachs are boys or girls. In fact, most of them are pregnant women who they want boys or girls.However, some regions say that if pregnant women dream at night, dreaming that snakes are prompting the baby to dream of a black snake. The gray snake may be pregnant with a boy dreamed of the flower snake. The white snake is a girl.Or if you are a magpie, it is also pregnant with a girl.

It can be seen that for the older generation, if you dream of black and strong animals with a boy characteristics, most of them are a boy, and animals with female characteristics, such as soft and beauty, will beSaid to be pregnant with a girl.In fact, pregnant mothers can judge that this statement has no scientific basis.

And the so -called fetal dreams, most of them want to ask a boy or girl in my mother’s mind, and think about whether they are a male baby or a female baby dreaming in their stomachs. For example, there are some pregnant mothers.When her daughter arrived, she just dreamed of peony flowers when she was sleeping at night. The older generation would say that she was particularly blessed. She was a little girl. As a result, she really gave birth to a girl.EssenceIn the final analysis, it is just the mother’s own expectations and concerns about the sex of the fetus.So don’t have to be too true, but it ’s also very interesting to be entangled, but it’ s very interesting.

In fact, the interaction between mothers and babies can also promote the dream of fetal. We say that there is something to do with dreamer of the night. Pregnant mothers always like to interact with the baby during pregnancy. For exampleSpecial naughty. When I go to bed at night, I always dream of a particularly naughty baby after the baby is born.The so -called mother and child’s heart means that the mothers’ emotions will also affect the baby’s development, and the baby’s activity will also stimulate the nerves of the pregnant mother, so it is normal to say that there is a dream of a fetal dream.

From this level, when there is a dream, it is also a sense of induction and interaction between the mother and the little guy in the belly.

I wonder if you have had a dream during pregnancy?What kind of interpretation of your hometown of fetal movement?What are the interesting things, you can also communicate with you below

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