What examinations are more important during pregnancy?For important projects in different periods, Dad, please participate in it

The more important thing for women is that the more important point is the ability to breed life.When a woman is successful, her body becomes different. How amazing a heart will be beating in one body.

When a woman becomes a prospective mother, they will become very careful. Not only are women and two of them become very nervous, for fear that pregnant women will accidentally scratch or encounter.Cheng Guobao Grand Panda.But pregnancy is a relatively long thing. Generally, it takes nine to ten months to give birth to give birth to the baby.At this time, the physical examination became a very important thing.Some women think that pregnancy tests are a very troublesome thing, and it feels unnecessary. Many rural women do not even have the concept of pregnancy.In fact, you must not miss it anyway.

Which three pregnancy examinations can’t be missed?Don’t care

1. Early pregnancy test

Generally, women should go to the birth check when they are about two months pregnant.In fact, women who prepare for pregnancy should go to the hospital for examination when they find that their aunties can’t come.After establishing pregnancy, you should actively establish files in the hospital.

The first physical examination is usually tedious. There are many items that need to be checked.AIDS screening, etc.

And B -ultrasound is also very important.Doctors should specifically know the position of embryonic development, so as to actively discharge various abnormal conditions such as ectopic pregnancy.It will also see if pregnant women lack progesterone, and at the same time, they must make a positive supplement to folic acid.One thing to remind is that you should pay attention to breakfast when you go to the medical examination, so that the examination will be more convenient.

2. Examination in the second trimester

In addition to the regular measurement of blood pressure, weight, abdominal circumference, palace height, fetal heart rate, etc. during this period, the pregnant mothers need to have Tang’s screening at about 15 to 20 weeks to see if the fetal development of the fetus is developed.An abnormal problem occurs, whether there are any nerves, blood vessels, etc.

At about 22-28 weeks, non -invasive prenatal genetic testing (NIPT) must be performed to screen for three common fetal chromosomes in non -rectification.In the case, the accuracy of this detection is often very high.

After 28 weeks, pregnant mothers have to do a sugar screening check to see if there is a situation of gestational diabetes.To do a sugar -resistant empty stomach.

3. The early pregnancy

The number of pregnancy examinations will become more frequent after the third trimester. Generally, it takes a month to do a basic examination, such as measuring blood pressure, palace high, abdominal circumference, weight, fetal heart rate, and fetal position.In the later period, you have to do a check for half a month.By 29 weeks, a "growth and development B -ultrasound" will be added to see the specific development of the child. At this time, expectant mothers should be able to clearly see the child’s limbs and the overall state.

In the later period, the test of fetal heart rate is very important. It is important to monitor whether life is normal.

At the end of 37-41 weeks, you need to do obstetric ultrasound and NST examination once a week.

By the time of the third trimester, pregnant mothers should also pay attention to changes in fetal movement and interact with the fetus appropriately.Of course, there may be a certain difference in the production process of each hospital. Pregnant women should do a good job of examination according to the instructions of the doctor. This can allow themselves to spend their pregnancy safely and give birth to the baby.

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