What does it mean "spit on your arms and urine"?The real experience of pregnant mothers, the difference is really big

I believe that many people have heard such a saying: "Spitting on the upper arms, urinating and urine" means that pregnant women will vomit more easily, and it will be easier to urinate frequently.Do you think it is particularly incredible?Next, let’s see if there is a scientific basis for this statement?

My mother -in -law has been chasing Xiao Chen for the second child, saying that Dabao is already in kindergarten, and can have one more, so there are also companions, and now the mother -in -law can also bring the movement, can help bring another one.

After discussing Xiao Chen and her husband, he decided to ask for another one. He was pregnant before preparing, because it was experienced in the second child, so he was calm and calm.

Because when the first child was pregnant, Xiao Chen spent every day in vomiting. This time, for the baby’s nutrition, he was ready to "appetite snacks" early, but until June and July.Xiao Chen hasn’t vomited much, but it has increased a lot more frequently than the last time I conceived to the toilet.This makes her curious and doubtful. Why is the situation of two pregnancy completely different? This time is urine, last time I vomit?

My mother -in -law told her: "This is because of the upper arms and urinating. You last time because of the upper arms, so the vomiting was more powerful and gave me a granddaughter completely right.It is a grandson. Your pregnant belly is obviously facing below. The baby must be below, and your butt looks very big. It must be a boy. "

Xiao Chen was doubtful and felt that her mother -in -law was still a little superstitious, but when Xiao Chen was born, she was really a boy. Is this a public saying that there is a scientific basis?Or is it that coincidence?

I believe that many novice prospective mothers are not very clear about what is "upper" and what is "lower arms". In fact, "upper arms" mainly refers to the position of the fetus in the expectant mother’s uterus.

"Shang Huai" refers to the larger of the pregnant woman’s belly button.Simply put, the upper abdomen of pregnant mothers is relatively prominent.

"Xiahuai" refers to the bigger under the eyes of the navel.Simply put, the part of the pregnant mother’s belly is relatively down.

This still makes sense.

This is because the baby’s position in the stomach of the pregnant mother is different. For example, "on the belly" because the baby is closer to the stomach of the pregnant mother, as the baby’s development is getting bigger and bigger, it will definitely oppress the stomach. This will definitely be oppressed. This will definitely be oppressed.The phenomenon of pregnant mothers’ pregnancy will be more obvious, and it will even vomit even if they are serious.

If the pregnant mother is in her arms, it will be particularly easy to squeeze into the bladder, causing pregnant mothers to often want to go to the toilet, so the pregnant mother who is pregnant is more than the pregnant mother who goes to the toilet.

In fact, no matter whether it is arms or upper arms, pregnant mothers should not care too much. The upper arms and lower arms of pregnant mothers are a normal manifestation, not to say that this is good. This is not good. As long as the baby is healthy and healthy,It’s right.

The older generation of "upper" has a daughter, and there is no reason and basis.

The gender of the baby is actually determined at the moment of pregnancy. As for what "upper belly" or "lower belly" after pregnancy, there is no impact at all.

I remember that someone had done a special research. In the samples of the first statistics, there were more girls "on the belly" than boys, but when we changed the sample, we turned into a boy.There are many girls.

Therefore, there is no basis for the phrase "on the man, the girl".

In reality, the older generation feels that there is a boy. In fact, many of them are coincidences, because they are either girls or boys, and there is a total probability of 50%.

There is indeed a certain difference between pregnant mothers "upper" and "Xiahuai", but the impact on the baby is basically no.Finally, I wish each pregnant mother who can get a good pregnancy.

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