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Introduction: After the mother is pregnant, use a lot of avoidance for what they eat. Many foods affect the development of babies. For the mother should eat before, during, and after delivery, Xiaobian will summarize it for you!

The pain has arrived, do you want to eat something and then go to the hospital? What can you eat? What are the functions of these foods?

You can eat before giving birth:

It is about to give birth soon, and there is no danger of contractions or abortion, so all kinds of foods can be eaten basically, including hairy crabs that they dare not eat during pregnancy.If it is a first maternal, there are more than ten or twenty hours from the beginning of the pain to the official delivery. The pain at the beginning is not very strong, and it can move normally.Experts suggest: Before rushing to the hospital, you have to eat a good meal and good soup, take a bath comfortably, and then pack things to go to the hospital.After all, after entering the delivery room, you can eat normal meals again after you enter the delivery room.

It is not recommended to eat before giving birth:

There are too many vegetables and fruits with too much crude fiber.The crude fiber will produce more feces. When the official starts to start the stool, the stool may be shown together, which will make yourself very embarrassing.In the same way, spicy or heavier garlic, leeks, etc. are also the best to eat, otherwise they will suffer a doctor and nurse and embarrass themselves.

What to eat during the delivery course?

Sweet high calories

High -calorie foods such as chocolate, cakes, sweet pregnant women’s milk powder can provide sufficient energy supplements for physical consumption.These foods contain high sugar content and can supply energy quickly and cheer for mothers.

Easy to digest energy

Digestive and absorbing foods such as porridge, rice soup, small steamed buns, and bread slices are more convenient to eat. If you have appetite, you can also eat a little bit in the gap in pain.Can provide energy relatively continuously.

Power that can drink

Foods such as chicken essence, Red Bull, and amino acid beverages and ginseng soup have a certain role of refreshing. For the long -term struggle, the exhausted maternal can provide instant energy supplement.These can generally start to show the effect after 20 minutes to half an hour.

Foods that cannot be eaten during childbirth

1. Foods that suppress contractions, such as longan (longan).

2. Too hot, blood -promoting foods or traditional Chinese medicine supplements may cause increased bleeding, such as hawthorn, brown sugar, black fungus, litchi, mutton, dog meat, safflower, angelica, wild mountain ginseng, red ginseng, etc.

3. Spicy and irritating foods such as shallots, peppers, garlic, leek, etc.

4.Sexual and cold foods, as well as foods with cold temperatures, such as watermelon, bitter gourd, pearl powder, ice water, etc.Western countries do have the habit of drinking ice water to stimulate contractions after giving birth, but the constitution of Chinese maternal women is unacceptable, and it is easy to cause uncomfortable reactions such as stomach pain and headache.

What to eat after giving birth?


New moms sweat a lot during delivery, so they need to replenish water immediately to prevent dehydration.

Foods rich in vitamin B vitamin C

For example, various fruits, vegetable porridge, etc., vitamins can help recover appetite after childbirth, especially vitamins of vitamins B and C.

Easy to digest and absorb food

Such as rotten noodles, vegetable porridge, fish porridge, etc., it is easy to digest and absorb, it will not affect the stomach and intestines, but also helps the new mommy to restore physical strength.

Foods rich in high -quality protein

Such as egg flower soup or egg custard, milk, etc.Egg flower soup or egg custard, milk, and other high -quality protein -rich foods can help wound healing.

Foods that help sleep

For example, milk, milk powder, etc. If you do not drink milk, a cup of warm milk or maternal milk powder can help the maternal gods to help sleep.

Foods that help ventilation

For example, Laizunzi Decoction, radish water, if flatulence appears, these foods have ventilation.

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