What do the fetus feel in the same room during pregnancy?More interesting than you think!

Can I still do intercourse after pregnancy?Believe that this issue, many prospective dads and mothers will care.In fact, after 4 months of pregnancy, those healthy expectant mothers can have appropriate sexual life.However, it is best not to do it in the early or in the early pregnancy, because in the early pregnancy, the embryo and the uterine wall are still unstable.In the third trimester, the child is about to be born, and at the same time, the abdomen of the pregnant mothers is relatively large, and the same room should be avoided.However, there is one thing, do you know that the prospective father and mother knows, what does the fetus feel when you are in the same room?

The same room during pregnancy, what does the fetus feel


I believe that many pregnant mothers did not expect that the fetus would feel in the abdomen?In fact, when the pregnant mother is walking, the body’s swinging of her own body can make the fetus in the abdomen experience the feeling of shock.Therefore, during the intercourse, the fetus can naturally feel the shock.

However, pregnant mothers don’t have to worry about the fetus in this shock, because the fetus is wrapped in warm amniotic fluid, which can alleviate some external impacts.In addition, studies have pointed out that the fetus likes to feel slightly swaying in the uterus, which will make him feel very happy.

What are the benefits of the same room during pregnancy?

Effectively alleviate the bad emotions of expectant mothers

During pregnancy, moderate and healthy love and love will not only help the stability of the relationship between husband and wife, but also enhance the feelings between husband and wife, but also alleviate the psychological pressure of expectant mothers.During pregnancy, because the physiology of pregnant mothers and their own roles are about to change, psychological pressure will often be very great. At this time, appropriate love and love will be given to the other party.Mom’s bad emotions.

Does the same room during pregnancy affect the fetus?

Pay attention to personal hygiene

Because the fetus lives is located in the upper part of the vagina, and the cervix is closed, the secretion or something will not affect the fetus.However, some things still need to be paid attention to. If the prospective father does not pay attention to hygiene, brings the external bacteria into the pregnant mother, causing the pregnant mothers to cause vaginitis and other diseases, it will still have a certain impact on the fetus.When doing intercourse, the couple must do a good job of cleaning.

In the same room, although the fetus is safe in amniotic fluid, the incorrect way of the same room will also hurt the baby. If the pregnant mothers have vaginal bleeding, belly cramps and shrinking, etc., the prospective dad should stop the movement in time to avoid themselves and themselves.The fetus was injured.

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