What do sheep think of the method of pregnancy soil? What is the reason why the ewage is not worthy?There is a good way in this article

Recently, some farmers are asking us if we have any soil methods to test whether sheep are pregnant, and the ewes are always not worthy of what are the causes.For our farmers, we must understand these problems to avoid losses to our breeding.This article will introduce us to how to judge the reasons why the ewe is pregnancy and the ewe can not be worthy.

How to judge whether the ewe is pregnant?

There is no soil method for the judgment of the stir pregnancy. For our small and medium -sized breeding households, due to the incomplete equipment, it can only be judged whether the ewe is pregnant through the naked eye observation method.

1. After the ewes are successful, the appetite is increased, the hair color is bright, the temperament is dumb, and walking will become more cautious.

2. The pregnancy test strip used by people can also be convenient to test whether sheep is pregnant.

3. After 3-4 months of pregnancy, the stomach of the ewe will also become larger, the breasts begin to develop, and the breasts will gradually become larger.

4. You can use ram to try to try the ewe. If the ewa no longer estrus, it means that the ewe has been successfully pregnant.

What is the reason why the ewe is not worthy?

No sheep is not equipped with this situation. In fact, many of us have encountered many farmers, causing the quarrels to be dedicated by the main is the two reasons: nutritional factors and the endocrine disorders of the ewa.

1. Nutritional factors are mainly due to the long -term nutrition of the feed we provided to the ewe. The nutrition required by the ewage will not keep up with, then it will affect the development of the reproductive system of the eweEssenceWe can mix or drink water for ewes: multi -dimensional guarantee to supplement the nutrition required by the ewe to avoid malnutrition in the ewes.

2. The ewes caused by endocrine disorders are not worthy of species.There are many reasons for the disorders of strokes, such as nutritional factors, disease factors, mold toxins, etc., can cause endocrine disorders of the ewes, so the ewes will not be equipped with species.For this situation, it is mainly based on conditioning. You can mix the ebbies at the same time: Mother An Tai Bao+Multi -Vitamin Bao+Kim Tuotao, so that it can regulate the eweSheep is affected by mold toxins.

The above is what the sheep’s pregnancy method, and what is caused by the brewing of the ewe. If we encounter this situation, we can try the method introduced in the article. I hope the content of this article can be useful to our farmers.

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