What changes will Xiao Yan enter the girl’s body?

Hello everyone, I am the raccoon cat on the moon. Today is Thursday. The weather is small. The first article we discuss is the man’s little tadpole. What will happen to the girl’s body?

Men’s sperm enters the women’s reproductive tract through ejaculation, and then swims to the ovaries.When a woman ovulates, the ovaries are released from the ovaries and suspended in the fallopian tube.Sperm swim in the fallopian tube and find eggs.When sperm finds eggs, they release some enzymes, destroy the cell membrane on the surface of the egg, and then a sperm will penetrate the surface of the eggs, enter the inside of the egg, and fix the ovaries to form fertilized eggs.This fertilized egg continues to move to the uterus, and eventually implants on the inner wall of the uterus and develops into embryos.

Girls do not have sperm, which is caused by different reproductive systems.Women’s reproductive systems are composed of ovarian, fallopian tubes, uterus, vagina, etc., while the male reproductive system consists of testicular, epididymia, vasters, prostate, urethra, etc.Sperm is produced by the male reproductive system. They enter the women’s reproductive system through ejaculation and combine with eggs to form fertilized eggs.

The main role of sperm is to fertilize the eggs and cause new life.Sperm enters the women’s reproductive system through ejaculation, pass through the vagina, reaches the uterus and fallopian tubes, and combines fertilized eggs in the fallopian tubes to form fertilized eggs.After the fertilized eggs are further developed into embryos, it will shift to the uterus to bed, and eventually develop into a new life.

In addition to fertilization, sperm also has some other physiological effects.For example, sperm is rich in protein, minerals, and vitamins, which are very important for physical health.In addition, sperm can also stimulate women to secrete hormones, thereby increasing women’s sexual desire.

In general, women do not have sperm, but this does not affect women’s reproductive ability and sexual desire.Although women’s reproductive systems and men’s reproductive systems are different, they can complete their own physiological functions.

Human sperm quality is divided into high and low.Generally speaking, high -quality sperm has the following characteristics:

1. Extremely quantity: The number of sperm in normal semen should contain more than 15 million in one millilitious liquid.

2. Strong vitality: The vitality of sperm refers to their ability to move, and they should be able to swim to the eggs quickly and perform fertilization.

3. Normal shape: Sperm with normal forms has a complete head, middle and tail, which can better swim to the eggs.

4. Normal volume: The volume of normal semen should be between 2-6 ml.

If the number of sperm, vitality, form or volume is abnormal, it may affect men’s fertility.The examination of semen can be performed by semen analysis. This is a simple and non -invasive method of inspection, which can help determine whether the sperm quality is normal.

Here are some suggestions that can help men improve sperm quality:

1. Maintain a healthy lifestyle: including quitting smoking and drinking, avoiding excessive diet, maintaining healthy weight, and exercising.

2. Increase foods rich in vitamin C, E, zinc, selenium and other trace elements: these elements help promote the generation of sperm and increase the number and quality of sperm.

3. Avoid high temperature environments: Long -term exposure to high -temperature environments will lead to decreased sperm quantity and quality. It is recommended to avoid long -term hot baths. Do not wear tight pants such as tight pants.

4. Reduce pressure: Excessive tension and stress will affect the reproductive system of men. It is recommended to reduce stress through appropriate exercise and relaxation skills.

5. Avoid contact with harmful substances: Long -term contact with harmful substances such as heavy metals and radiation will adversely affect the number and quality of sperm, and it is necessary to pay attention to protection.

In short, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, balanced diet, reasonable exercise and proper relaxation can help improve male sperm quality.If necessary, it is recommended to consult a professional doctor or fertility expert.


How does sperm enter the woman’s body?

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