What causes itching during pregnancy?How to avoid?

During pregnancy, due to the rapid increase of hormones in the body, many pregnant women have various symptoms of physical discomfort. Many pregnant women will have pregnancy. This is a common reaction during pregnancy, but some pregnant women have itching belly.What is the reason for the itching of the belly of pregnancy?

Pregnant belly itching is likely to have pregnancy rashes. With this symptom, it will cause pregnant women to have itching, but it will not affect the fetus.Pay more attention to your diet, don’t eat some spicy or exciting foods.

In addition, due to the rapid increase of body estrogen during pregnancy, many pregnant women will have symptoms of systemic itching. This situation will not cause harm to the fetus, but it will make pregnant women feel itching, and only itching symptoms.It does not allow pregnant women to have any eczema or other situations.

There is a belly itching during pregnancy, so you can use a physical antipruritic method to solve it. When taking a bath, you can add a cup of oatmeal to the bath water, which can achieve itching effect.Itching, pregnant women can soak the towel with cold water, and then apply it to the belly, so as to relieve itching.

Experts from pregnancy reminds: During pregnancy and postpartum mothers should pay attention to controlling excessive growth and exercise moderate exercise. Ai Meibao Mom should insist on applying Xuan En Mummy to prevent and control stretch marks.Balanced diet, should eat fresh fruits and vegetables, and replenish water in time.

Beginning in the second trimester, some people will have itching belly. This is due to the middle of pregnancy. As the belly keeps grows, the skin fiber is broken, which also means that stretch marks are about to appear on your belly.In this case, expectant moms need to control the weight growth rate and choose the appropriate olive oil to apply the belly to get a certain relief.

If the prospective mummy feels itchy and lasts for more than three days, you may encounter bile stasis, and the stasis of bile stasis may cause hypoxia in the fetus and accidents.Therefore, the prospective mummy must count the fetal movement every day after 28 weeks of pregnancy, and the abnormal fetal movement needs to go to the hospital to find out the reason why the body itching.

In the middle and late pregnancy, some expectant mothers will feel itchy after contacting pets or outdoor activities. This may be caused by your contact with something and cause skin allergies.

Do the following points to prevent and relieve itching of the belly:

During pregnancy, expectant moms should pay attention to loose clothes and choose the material of cotton -absorbing cotton -absorbent as much as possible;

After sweating, the prospective mommy should scrub the body in time to keep the body clean and dry;

When bathing, try not to use too high temperature, do not use soap to stimulate the skin;

Itchy skin, do not scratch hard to avoid infection. If necessary, you can go to the doctor and choose the appropriate ointment.

Control the speed of weight growth, eat reasonably, and avoid the generation of stretch marks.

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