What can I eat during pregnancy and what can I not eat

In October, for a expectant mother, having a healthy and beautiful baby is more important than anything. A reasonable diet during pregnancy can not only provide rich nutrition, enough energy, but also make the pregnant mother’s fetal no longer meat. The baby is healthy.Born safely, in daily life, what can various vegetables and fruits be eaten and not eaten? I summarized what I know.

First of all, let’s talk about soy milk products. You can eat milk, goat milk, soy milk powder, soy milk, tofu, black soy milk, red bean, lactic acid bacteria, fish tofu, cheese, etc.Milk nutrition is rich in nutrition, it is not easy to be allergic. The allergic constitution can be given priority, and sheep milk is easy to digest and absorb it.EssenceChixiaodou is a high -speed rail high -protein food that can help pregnant mothers to relieve edema, improve immunity, and can eliminate bloating and milk, especially in the third trimester, eight expectant mothers will be edema.Good choice.Those who cannot eat mold, tofu, stinky tofu contain nitrite, which is not good for the baby baby, and eat less milk. The content of the lotion is very high. If you eat too much, it will cause hypertrophic hyperglycemia.

What can pregnant mothers eat what can pregnant mothers eat?Those who can eat rice, millet, sorghum, flour, buckwheat noodles, corn noodles, rice cakes, etc. There are barley (cold, excited for the uterus, and east porridge, eight treasure porridge) oats (rich dietary fiber, But with a smooth intestine and the power of downward, it is easy to diarrhea) Sweet potato (rich nutrition, it is also selected as the top ten best vegetables by the World Health Organization, but pregnant mothers should eat less, there will be heartburne, nausea, and bad exhaust, etc.Reaction) I especially recommend millet porridge. Xiaomi porridge is very suitable for pregnant mothers who have heavier reactions in the early pregnancy.

What can vegetables and fruits pregnant mothers eat or not? Vegetables that can be eaten include cabbage, cauliflower, corner melon, potatoes, various fungi, tomatoes, head vegetables, rapeseed, etc. (excited uterus, strengthen the palace, strengthen the palacePacullane (promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis), coriander (promoting uterine contraction), amaranth (easy fetal movement) is particularly recommended as shiitake mushroom fried rapeseed, a very good vegetable supplement, tomato fried eggs, sweet and sour, beauty, beauty, beautyThe effect of fitness.Most fruits can be eaten. When you are pregnant, you should pay attention to eating fruits. Try not to eat too hot fruits in the early pregnancy.Such as longan, pineapple, because it is relatively easy to get angry in the early stages of pregnancy, and it is easy to react early.In the middle of pregnancy, the fetus is relatively stable, and the physical condition of pregnant women is relatively stable. You can choose the appropriate fruit according to your preferences to avoid too cold fruits.In the third trimester, pregnant women are prone to too little amniotic fluid or uneasy fetal movement. At this time, pay attention to avoid eating fruits that cause contractions, such as hawthorn and papaya.

Dietary diet is really important for pregnant mothers and fetuses. It is so pregnant to have a healthy and beautiful baby so it is expected by pregnant mothers, so sometimes it really needs to be self -disciplined.On the other hand, health also affects the normal development of the fetus, and it will also affect the physical and intellectual development of the child after birth.Finally, I wish all expectant mothers can think of things, safe and healthy.Good suggestions are welcome to leave a message

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