What are the symptoms of cow mastitis?How to treat cow breastitis?This article answers you questions

Bull breastitis is often a breeding friend in the process of breeding. If the cow is inflamed at other times at other times, if it is inflamed to breastfeed cow cow, the harm cause is great. There is a breeding of breeding.Friends said that the cows in the family had breastitis, and as a result, the calves kept dilute.Therefore, our breeding friends should understand the relevant content of cow lactitis, so as to help you avoid various risks.

Symptoms of a cow mastitis

It is impossible for us to suddenly say which cows have breastitis. We guess we can’t guess. How do you know whether the cows have mastitis?Of course, it is seen from the incidence characteristics of mastitis!

Breast swelling, fever, pain, pain; metamorphic milk, abnormalities such as pus and blood, odor and other abnormalities; breast skin redness and hardness; cows’ appetite decreased, decreased milk production; cows and other symptoms when walking.

The above features are all symptoms of cow breastitis. Everyone should pay more attention to their own cows. If you find that the above situation is found, check it immediately.

Two -treatment method

We give cows to treat breastitis. We must adhere to the principle of safe medication. The medicine we use must be relatively safe, and the side effects of cows must be small.

1. We can inject long -effect cows with long -effect cows to sterilize and anti -inflammatory. Its pain is small, the discomfort caused to cows is relatively light, and the efficacy can be maintained for 7 days.

2. In addition, don’t forget to treat the breasts. If there is a wound in the breast, clean the breasts, use: extinguish too much guarantee, clean or soak the breast, eliminate the germs on the breast, and then apply ointment.

3. We can add ingredients to the cows: Mother An Tai Bao to adjust the body for cows to enhance resistance and immunity.

4. Be sure to strengthen health management, keep the cow house clean and hygiene, and avoid cross -infection;

In addition, if cow’s mastitis is serious and difficult to cure, then we need to eliminate cattle in time to avoid affecting the health of the entire farm.

Today’s introduction is over. Thank you for watching it. I hope today’s sharing can help everyone.Pay attention to me, and will bring you about breeding every day.

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