What are the reasons for supplementing protein during the test tube?What are the side effects of polycycles promoting?

When IVF is pregnant, it is recommended that expectant mothers supplement protein.What are the side effects of polycycles, what are the reasons for supplementing protein during test tubes, what is the best way to maintain the ovaries, and what are the solutions of IVF.Not only protein, sometimes the common sense of expectant mothers should often "charge". If the ovulation is not treated with test tube infants, it will also cause damage to the expectant mother.Let’s take a look at the side effects of the polycystonia, and what is the reason for supplementing the protein during the test tube.

Under normal circumstances, IVF Polycystic Ovarian syndrome Moms need to be treated correctly and cannot blindly treat IVF treatment. Polycystic ovulation is promoted if the expectant mothers use ovulation -promoting treatment blindly because most of them contain IVF hormones, which is easyAs a result, expectant mothers have endocrine disorders, bringing certain risks to the growth of IVF eggs, and bringing a series of side effects.

If the polycystic mothers take the drugs during ovulation, the IVF babies will be miscarriage. The impact is unimaginable for expectant mothers. If IVF babies have no abortion, they may also cause low intelligence, low immune force, etc.Symptoms also need to obey the arrangement of IVF doctors for treatment during daily life in daily life.

The protein replenishment during the tube downshift is to get a relatively good test tube baby follicle in the next test tube baby’s egg retrieval process, and the quasi -mothers need to replenish the protein in their daily diet.At the same time, it is also prepared for the growth of the endometrium of the IVF mothers.

IVFBID mothers also pay attention to that the diet of IVF during ovulation treatment is mainly high -protein, cellulose diet, bean egg lean meat, and fresh fruits and vegetables.Eat, but if the food is cool in food, the expectant mothers should not eat it, which will protect the ovaries and uterus of the expectant mother of the IVF.Specific mothers try to avoid spicy stimulation, greasy and cold diet, ensure that IVF expectant mothers are comfortable and avoid constipation diarrhea.

In the end, expectant mothers still need to communicate with their family in time to open the knot of the test tube period so that they can have a good mentality and welcome the baby.

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