What are the projects in the college entrance examination?Do you really test whether the students are pregnant?

1. Check the students’ vision.During the medical examination of the college entrance examination, the degree of the students’ naked vision and the degree after wearing glasses will be measured. By letting students check the pictures, they will check whether the students have color blindness and weak colors.Those who want to report to the air and soldiers should pay attention to, and vision is important.

2. Measure students’ blood pressure.Doctors who have a medical examination for senior high school students will ask students to ask students’ past medical history while measuring their blood pressure, and many of them will also conduct auscultation of respiratory and cardiopulmonary function on students.Make sure that there are no major diseases.

3. Check the sense of smell of students.Students who have experienced the college entrance examination medical examination know that during the college entrance examination medical examination, students often provide students with different liquids to check whether the students’ sense of smell is problematic.We use alcohol, vinegar and water during the physical examination, which are the most basic common sense things, and it is easy to get answers.

4. Check the students’ hearing.I don’t know if other schools are checked like this. We let me repeat what the doctor said when students and doctors were separated.Such as the sea, students, teachers, Beijing and so on.

5. Check the students’ teeth.Doctors will use flashlights and cotton swabs to take a look at your teeth or lack of teeth.

6. Measuring students’ height and weight are the conventional projects in the college entrance examination.Students who report on flight attendants should pay attention to this.

7, do chest perspective for students.Many students who participated in the college entrance examination for the first time will feel particularly curious and nervous when doing their chest.In fact, he is a student holding a machine, and he can make results after a while.

8. Test whether students’ blood lipids and liver functions have problems.During the medical examination of the college entrance examination, the blood lipids and liver function of students will be checked by blood drawing.This one -in -one test method makes many students with blood and halo and halo.This is also the only project in the medical examination that makes you feel pain.

The above is some of the items common in the college entrance examination.Checking whether the students are pregnant are not in the medical examination items of the college entrance examination, but it is not ruled out that some school students are checked to become pregnant during the blood drawing.I hope everyone can go smoothly during the college entrance examination medical examination!I hope that all college candidates can get good results and go to the ideal university in their minds.

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