What are the marriage checks?Do you have to do a marriage inspection to get a certificate?Don’t think of trouble

Xiao Li and Xiaoqiong are a pair of lovers. After half a year of getting along with each other, they were very satisfied with each other and began to prepare to talk about marriage.

They completed the marriage registration procedures in July last year. Before the registration, they learned that the marriage inspection is not a compulsory inspection, but the two parties voluntarily. They all think that they know the other party.Put the wedding inspection on your heart.

Who knows that during a annual health examination after marriage, Xiao Li and Xiaoqiong received a notice from the hospital to determine that Xiao Li and Xiaoqiong were infected with HIV!

This news is undoubtedly sunny for the two and the family of both sides.The relationship between the husband and wife fell into the freezing point because of this, and there was doubt. The two sides did not know who was transmitted to who …

Before marriage, it is conducive to the health of both parties and the next generation.Through comprehensive pre -marital examination, the purpose of discovery, early diagnosis, and active correction of certain abnormalities and diseases can be achieved.

For example, if there is a disease that has a temporary impact on marriage or fertility in the physical examination, you can make favorable decisions and arrangements for both sides and the next generation of health under the guidance of a doctor.

Doctors can make a clear diagnosis of specific genetic defects, and to help the two parties formulate marriage decisions to reduce or avoid improper marriage and genetic diseases.

The common local diseases in different regions are slightly different. Take Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province as an example. The marriage inspection items are as follows.

Daily inspection

Physical examination: It is mainly to check height, blood pressure, weight and genitals, second sexual characteristics, etc.

Regular blood test: This examination can be found early to find diseases such as early anemia.

Urine analysis: helps early diagnosis of kidney disease.

Chest Tablets: It is helpful for diagnosis of tuberculosis disease.Women with tuberculosis are limited to the treatment of treatment, affecting the process of disease treatment.

ABO blood type test.

Infectious project

Transaminase and hepatitis B surface antigen examination: If the mother is a patient as a viral hepatitis, if the disease cannot be found, it will cause premature birth and even the death of newborns.Hepatitis virus can also be transmitted to children through blood.

Sexually transmitted disease screening: including syphilis, gonorrhea, HIV screening.Women’s gynecological examination and Yin tract secretion titheroma.If you have sexually transmitted diseases, it is best to treat it first, and then prepare for pregnancy.Otherwise, it will lead to danger of miscarriage, premature birth, and premature fetal membrane.

Please note that the previously included G-6PD deficiency (broad bean disease) examination, Mediterranean anemia (MCV, MCH test) has been divided into pre-pregnancy examination, and it is not performed without the scope of marriage examination.

1. The time for marriage inspection and marriage is the best interval.If there is a problem with the inspection, you can have enough time to treat it. The validity period of the marriage inspection certificate is 3 months.

2. When doing a marriage inspection, you must bring the hukou books, ID cards, photos, etc. of both parties.

3. If you want to do a marriage check, you must avoid the menstrual period. After three days after menstruation, do a marriage check. Otherwise, doctors will suspect that women’s urine contains a lot of red blood cells, with nephritis and stones.Essence

4. Take a good rest before the marriage inspection, don’t let yourself be too tired, don’t drink.Because this may affect the test results of liver merit.

5. Eat light food before marriage.Otherwise, chyloma blood will occur when blood drawing, which will affect the final result of the inspection.

6. You must not eat in the morning before the marriage inspection.

7. Emphasize that you must rest a few days before the inspection, go to bed early at night, don’t be too tired, don’t drink.

Reminder: Here, I also want to tell you young friends that marriage examination is not a necessary thing. However, for the health of the spouse and the next generation, the marriage examination must be done. In addition, during the inspection process, if you find it, if you find it, you will find that if you find it,The problem can be found in time. Early treatment can also play the effect of the dead sheep.


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