What are the manifestations of uterine adenomia?Can I get pregnant?The doctor is here to tell you

Uterine adenoisotomy is a common uterine disease, mainly caused by uterine infringement, and the B -ultrasound in the uterine adenoisotomy is relatively easy to see. The symptoms cause abnormalities in the internal muscle layer of the uterine and higher echo in the uterine wall.The end of the uterine adenomy may also affect the patient’s fertility, so many patients are very worried and afraid.

1. Menstruation disorders

With the incidence of uterine adenomy muscles, patients will have problems with menstrual disorders, such as sudden or decreased menstrual flow, disorders of menstrual cycle, and dysmenorrhea during menstrual periods.Performance.

However, related diseases such as irregular menstruation, such as dysmenorrhea, etc. This is the symptoms of adenomy muscle disease. Therefore, it is often ignored without treatment, delaying the treatment time.

2. Strong pain

The onset of adenomyosis will also be accompanied by obvious pain manifestations. This pain will bring spasm and colic of patients. It is an unbearable pain. Even many patients lose their desire to lose sex.After spasm or colic, it is recommended to attract attention in time, and check and treat as soon as possible.

3. A few anemia

Women’s physiological cycle can cause excessive blood loss in the body and cause anemia. Anemia can cause symptoms such as fatigue and fatigue. This is also a minority manifestation of adenoisotomy, which needs to be paid attention.

4. Affect pregnancy

Uterine adenomyosis can affect the function of the uterus, leading to the normal function of the uterus, which may cause infertility. Especially the damage of the uterus caused by miscarriage can easily cause the risk of uterine muscle adenia.

When the uterine fibroids are accompanied by uterine adenomia, they can be pregnant, but they will reduce the chance of pregnancy.

(1) Uterine adenomy disease can hinder the passage of sperm and fetal development.

(2) Uterine adenomyosis causes lesions near the corner of the uterine corner, which will compress the tubal opening at the tubal and cause obstruction.

(3) If the cervix is oppressed, the orientation of the cervix will be changed, hindering the cervix tube, and keeping it away from the semen pool in the rear dome, which is not conducive to the sperm to enter the cervical mouth.

(4) Uterine adenoisotomy also affects the amplitude, duration and frequency of uterine contraction, interfere with fertilized eggs, and cause abortion after bed.

Of course, not all uterine adenomy disease will affect pregnancy. It depends on the growth parts, size and numbers of symptoms. If the symptoms will cause infertility, it should be treated in time.Can still conceive, so treatment is the key.

Even if you suffer from uterine adenomia, you do n’t need to be discouraged without the doctor’s examination. As long as your condition is not so bad, I believe that uterine adenomyosis will not deprive yourself of the opportunity to be a mother.

In short, if the symptoms of uterine adenomyosis occur, be sure to check and treat it as soon as possible. At the same time, if some gynecological diseases occur in the body in daily life, you need to be diagnosed and treated in time, otherwise it will cause other lesions in the body.”Her Healthy House Happy “” Health “” Female Health”

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