What are the main causes of hypertension during pregnancy?Doing a good prevention and control is the most important part of mother and baby

This document is to the great mothers in the world, you have worked hard.

Women must pay attention to physical changes when they are pregnant, because many diseases, especially hereditary diseases, will appear during pregnancy. It does not only cause hypertension during pregnancy, and gestational diabetes may also occur.Hypertension during pregnancy, if it is a general healthy woman, the blood vessels do not suffer any damage during the onset, they will have the opportunity to fully restore it after production.

1. The fetus is squeezed into the blood vessels, just like a patient with a tumor, and the tumor is squeezed into the blood vessels.During the pregnancy, there are many blood vessels in the abdomen, one of which is called abdominal aorta.When pregnant women lie back and sleep, the fetus may be pressed back, so it is compressed to the blood vessels and causes blood pressure to rise.

Causes of hypertension during pregnancy

2. In the blood circulation of pregnant women, it is not only the blood of the mother, but also the blood of the fetus.And when women are pregnant, the blood volume of pregnant women will be about 2000ml, the blood volume increases, and the blood pressure will increase. As a result, hypertension during pregnancy may cause the pregnant woman’s heart or blood vessels may not be able to cope with this change.

3. Pregnant women themselves have congenital blood vessels or heart genetic problems, or the influence of other acquired.

Prevention and control of pregnancy hypertrophy is an important part of the mortality rate of maternal and infant mothers and infants during the period.Pregnant women must be checked regularly during pregnancy. Do not ignore early symptoms, because early mild pregnancy hypertension can be cured by positive and effective treatment.

Prevention and control of stood hypertrophy is an important part of reducing maternal and infant mortality rates during the perinatal period

1. Regular examination during pregnancy

(1) Pregnant women must be checked regularly during pregnancy, especially in the 20-32 weeks to test blood pressure and observation whether there is swelling. Do not be afraid of trouble and ignore early symptoms, because early mild pregnancy hypertension is active and effective after active and effectiveTreatment can cure or control the development of the disease.

(2) Self -monitoring blood pressure and regular renal function tests every month; B -ultrasound examination should also be performed to monitor the growth and development of the fetus and check the early fetal maturity.Give delivery.

2. Pay attention to rest

Take the left side position to reduce the compression of the lower cavity vein, so that the lower limbs and abdominal blood flow will return to the heart. If the lower limbs are swollen, increase the bed time and raise the feet to rest.

Pay attention to rest

3, diet conditioning

(1) Control thermal energy and weight, which can adjust the amount of eating at the standard at normal weight gain (no more than 12 kg during pregnancy).Pregnant moms who are overweight before pregnancy should try to eat less or not to eat candy, snacks, sweet beverages, fried foods and high -fat foods.

(2) Control fat intake and increase unsaturated fat accordingly.

(3) Properly limit the intake of salt and eat high protein foods.Active 80 ~ 90 grams of protein daily can avoid edema.If anemia is found, it is necessary to replenish iron in time.

(4) It is recommended that the Chinese Nutrition Society is recommended that the daily calcium intake of early, middle and late pregnancy is 800 mg, 1000 mg, and 1200 mg.

The daily calcium intake is 800 mg, 1000 mg, and 1200 mg, respectively.

4, medication

(1) The main drugs for treating pregnancy hypertension are methagopa. The drugs that are assisted include diuretics, A receptor blockers, and β -blockers.The side effects caused.

(2) Patients with mild hypertension should be suspended before or after pregnancy have been confirmed to stop taking anti -hypertension drugs; patients with moderate hypertension should be treated with methylba.Pakistan 250mg, twice a day, and can be increased to 2 grams/day or more. If there are side effects such as excessive drowsiness, depression, and upright hypotension syndrome, you should stop taking it.

Excessive sleep and depression should stop taking it

Women with hypertension during pregnancy, in the process of pregnancy, it is recommended not to increase the burden on the heart or blood vessels. Although pregnant women will want to eat, be careful not to eat too salty, and calculate the calories of food before eating.Essence

If there is a hypertension during pregnancy, epilepsy may occur due to the lesions of the brain and blood vessels.If you want to know if you have potential danger, you must ask a professional doctor. During the process of pregnancy, you can ask professional doctors in different subjects to maintain various organs of the body, such as the heart and blood vessels, etc., Until the fetus is given, then go for tracking.

Great mother

Here I would like to thank the majority of mothers that the pain of childbirth is never understood by the male compatriots. Even if there is a childbirth experience machine now, it will not be able to replace the pain in the real childbirth process of the mother.Whether it is physiological or psychologically, it is a huge challenge for women. If you have pregnancy hypertension or other diseases, there is no doubt that it is a huge bad news.Although the medical level has now improved a lot, we still have to stay away from the disease and get out of the sub -health.”Defended hypertension”

May the great mothers in the world be healthy!

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