What are the changes in "leucorrhea" in the early pregnancy, do you know?

During the time when I was pregnant, there would be some subtle changes in the body of the pregnant mother, such as the increase in vaginal secretions, which is normal.But if the color of the vaginal secretion changes or has odor, it is abnormal.Let’s follow Dora today to find out the relevant content ~

Where does the white belt come from?

Lands, including large and small labia, vestibular glands, vaginal exudates and secretions of cervical glands, as well as a small number of secretions from endometrium.

Normal leucorrhea traits

Normal leucorrhea should be milky white or colorless transparency, slightly fishy or tasteless.

The secretion and texture of leucorrhea changes with the menstrual cycle

The influence of the level of secretion and texture of the leucorrhea, the level of females and progesterone in the texture receptor, and periodic changes with a large amount and small amount of quality and thickness with the menstrual cycle.Generally, the amount of leucorrhea is small after menstrual period. By the time of ovulation, due to the increased level of estrogen in the body, the hyperplasia of the epithelial cells of the cervical glands, the increase in the secretion of cervical mucus, the increase in sodium sodium chloride in mucus, and absorbing more absorptionWater, increase leucorrhea during ovulation, thin quality, clear color, and appearance like egg white, which can be stretched.After ovulation, the level of estrogen is gradually lower, the level of progesterone rises, the secretion of cervical mucus is suppressed, and the content of sodium chloride in mucus is also reduced.Ritz is easy to break.

After pregnancy, leucorrhea secretion increases

After pregnancy, the luteal of the ovaries secretes a large amount of estrogen and progesterone to maintain the bed and development of pregnant eggs.After 12 weeks, the placenta was formed, and it gradually replaced the luteal and continued to synthesize a large amount of estrogen and progesterone. Therefore, pregnant women always maintain high estrogen and high progesterone.Under the action of estrogen and progesterone, the vulvar tissue becomes soft, moist, vaginal thickened, blood vessel congestion, exudate liquid and increased cells, cervical hypertrophy, softness, congestion, and strong glandular secretion.The secretions of the cervical glands and vaginal exudate and falling cells are mixed together to form leucorrhea, which is constantly excreted from the body, so the amount of secretion during pregnancy increases.

The vagina itself has a self -cleaning effect

Normal healthy women have a variety of microbial communities in vagina, including oxygen bacteria, anaerobic bacteria, etc. Among them, lactate bacteria are superior bacteria.Bacteria lactobacillus, especially H2O2 lactobacillus, directly affects H2O2, or combines the effect with other peroxide and halide, and then decomposes the glycogen in the vaginal epithelial cells to produce lactic acid, so that the vagina maintains a lower acidic environment with a lower vaginal environment.(PH value is 4-5), stimulating the immune function of vaginal mucosa cells, improving immunity, thereby inhibiting the excessive reproduction of other parasitic bacteria, and achieving the self -cleaning effect of vaginal.

The two major causes lead to abnormal leucorrhea in the early pregnancy

During pregnancy, the level of estrogen in the body is very high, which increases vaginal secretions and increased glycogen, which is conducive to decomposing glycogen into lactic acid in lactobacillus, decreased pH in the vagina, and accelerate the growth of lactobacillus.Therefore, the detection rate of vaginal secretions in pregnant women during early pregnancy is higher than that of women in normal childbearing age, and the average pH is significantly reduced compared to women.Once the vaginal lactic acid bacteria decrease or the acidic environment changes, the ecological environment in the vagina loses a balance, changing the normal flora distribution of the vagina, causing the normal mutual constraints to be destroyed, causing the bacteria dysfunction, which causes disease.The characteristics of the secretion will also change.

1. Bacterial vaginitis

This is a disease that is susceptible to infection in general women, mainly due to the imbalance of colonies in the vagina.After pregnancy, women are more likely to be infected with this disease. Statistics show that 13%~ 31%of pregnant mothers have this trouble.

However, it is worrying that the chance of abortion of pregnant mothers with bacterial vaginitis is twice that of normal pregnant mothers, and it may also increase the chance of pelvic infection, further causing early breakthrough breakthrough, causing premature birth.Regular vaginal bacterial infections can also cause tubal adhesion and increase the chance of infertility.

Changes in secretions

The secretion has odor, such as fishy smell, and the color is gray -white or yellow.

treatment method

The treatment method is safe and simple. As long as you cooperate with your doctor’s order, you can cure it regularly and take medicine.

2. Mold infection

In addition to the infection caused by general bacteria, molds are also prone to vaginal infections of pregnant mothers.After pregnancy, the physical condition of the pregnant mother changes. If the pad is used for a long time, it may cause the vaginal environment to humid and increase the chance of infection.Treatment of mold is the most tricky. Even if the doctor conducts standardized and fully treated treatment, the mold will form spores that can tolerate various harsh environments on the patient’s underwear. It is difficult to clean it out, so the infection is easy to recur.


Moobacter infection is mainly based on Candida infection, accounting for 80%to 90%, and the rest are non -white Candida.Candida can be distributed in normal people’s digestive tract, vagina, and skin. It is suitable for growing in an acidic environment. It has strong resistance to drying, sunlight, ultraviolet rays and chemical preparations, but it is not resistant to heat.Can die.

Changes in secretions

The vaginal discharge increases, the odor and color are abnormal, and even tofu and cheese are even present.In addition, the vaginal burning sensation will occur, the vagina is swollen and itchy, and sometimes it will cause pain.

treatment method

Drugs that treat fungus, such as plug agents, oral medications, etc., the treatment effect is better, with about 80%of the cure rate.However, all drugs are used under the guidance of a doctor.

Keeping and drying the vulva is also a good way to effectively prevent mold infection.The secretions during pregnancy itself are more than usual. Pregnant mothers try to wear cotton underwear as much as possible, because cotton products have better water absorption and can keep the vulva dry.Pregnant mothers also need to change their underwear to ensure the dryness and cleanliness of the underwear. Do not keep the vagina in a wet state.In addition, pregnant mothers should not wear chemical fiber underwear, and do not wear tight pants to reduce the occurrence of vulvar itching.

Doraemon reminder:

Some pregnant mothers often say that itching of vulva is always repeated.The recurrent vulvar itching hair is also an important reason for not being used in the treatment of treatment except for the physiological changes during pregnancy.Each drug has a treatment course, and only one course of treatment can achieve the treatment effect.However, many pregnant mothers did not realize this, especially for the first time of the vulvar itching mothers. They did n’t itch after taking the medicine for a while. They felt that they did n’t need the medicine after it was cured.It is recommended that pregnant mothers must take a course of treatment according to the doctor’s doctor’s advice, otherwise mold will produce drug resistance, and the effect of taking the medicine again is not good.

Pregnant women’s vulva tips

There must be dedicated cleaning pots and dedicated cleaning utensils and towels.Wash the utensils before use, drying or drying in the ventilated place after use. It is best to expose it under the sun, which is conducive to sterilization and disinfection.Because the sun is not seen in the napkin time, it is easy to breed bacteria and fungi.Wash it with warm water. It is not advisable to use a lotion, because some washing liquids affect the pH value of the vagina, and some of the washing solution contain some chemicals, which may cause skin allergies.

Early pregnancy is a very important stage of women’s pregnancy. The problems that occur in this stage often penetrate the entire pregnancy.Therefore, the problems at this stage must be handled with caution.If the leucorrhea is darker in the early pregnancy, the smell is unpleasant, or itching in the genitals, you need to go to the clinical examination to do the clinical examination in order to confirm what kind of pathogenic bacteria infection is, and then treat different treatment according to different pathogenic bacteria.However, if the leucorrhea is only large, there is no odor, no itching, and no special colors, such as red, coffee, or yellow -green, it is a normal pregnancy phenomenon without special treatment.

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