What are the causes of miscarriage?(Natural abortion) (2)

The main causes of abortion are mainly:

1. Genetic factors, due to poor embryonic development due to the number of chromosomes or abnormal structural abnormalities, the most common cause of abortion. In the natural abortion of 15%to 20%of all pregnancy, genetic factors can account for 60%to 70%.(Modern chromosomal abnormalities account for 50%to 60%, and the couple have about 10%of chromosomal abnormalities).It can be seen that genetic factors are the most important culprits of natural abortion, especially abortion within 3 months of pregnancy.

2. The impact of abnormal factors, a large number of smoking (including passive smoking), drinking, contact with chemical poison, severe noise and vibration, extremely exciting emotional excitement, high -temperature environment and other factors that can cause placenta and fetal damage can cause abortion.

3. Maternal disease, the mother suffering from any adverse fetal growth and development disease can cause abortion.

4. Family factors, related studies have shown that about 10%to 15%of male semen contain a certain amount of bacteria, which can affect the abortion of the embryo in pregnant women. Recently, an asymptomatic bacteria can cause abortion of pregnant women.

Natural abortion is the misfortune of pregnant women, but in a sense, natural miscarriage is a way for humans to continuously optimize themselves, and it is also the choice of new lives that are bred.Abnormal chromosomal abnormalities will reduce the birth of malformation early during the fetal abortion. Therefore, the cause should be found as much as possible before the fetus, especially the habitual abortion, and do not blindly protect the fetus.

How to reduce the occurrence of abortion?If the habitual abortion occurs, both the couple should do a comprehensive physical examination, especially the genetic examination. The development of genetics will bring the gospel to couples with habitual abortion.Find the cause of habitual abortion.

It can be effectively controlled by preventing and treating the cause:

1. Contracery within half a year after abortion, and pregnancy after half a year can reduce the occurrence of miscarriage.

2. To do genetic examinations, both couples receive chromosomal examinations at the same time.

3. Blood identification includes RH blood type system.

4. If there is a relaxation of the inner mouth of the uterus, it can be performed in the inner gap.

5. The use time for the use of patients with mildo function exceeds the pregnancy period of the last miscarriage (if the last time was aborted in March of pregnancy, the treatment time should not be shorter than March of pregnancy).

6. If the thyroid dysfunction is low, it is necessary to keep the thyroid function and then get pregnant before pregnancy.

7. Pay attention to rest and avoid intercourse (especially during the pregnancy period of the last miscarriage).

8. The man must do a review of the reproductive system.After the treatment of bacteria, the wife should be treated completely and then conceived the wife.

9. Avoid contact with toxic and radioactive substances

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