What APP is best for pregnancy?These four models are absolutely not allowed, and it is worth having

Every expectant mother should get "big panda" care during pregnancy.There will be many changes in women during pregnancy, and the development and growth of the fetus in the mother also need to pay close attention.But our lives involve all aspects, and it is always not comprehensive enough to think and suggestions from the older generation only by ourselves.

And some functional APPs can do this. There are many APPs designed for women during pregnancy, which can effectively improve the convenience and safety of pregnant mothers during pregnancy.Although the number of mobile phones and computers should be reduced during pregnancy, some helpful software should also use it appropriately.

A good app can not only help women safely and organize pregnancy life, but also to ensure the healthy development of the fetus, ready to welcome the upcoming baby.

Baby Tree Breeding APP

Baby tree breeding is a "breeding software" designed for women. It can help expectant mothers based on three stages of pregnancy, pregnancy and production.For expectant mothers during pregnancy, this software will update the changes in the fetus in the mother every day to record the fetal movement and pregnancy examination.

Regarding what can be done during pregnancy, it is not possible to do it, suitable nutritional supplements and recipes.Pregnant mothers can read the encyclopedia article in this software to raise their understanding of development and production.Every pregnant mother can publish their own problems and pregnancy experience, and everyone discusses sharing the experience of pregnancy together.

Momnet Bringing APP

The spokesperson for mother net is Sister Na, who had only given birth to twin daughters not long ago.This software can also be divided into different stages to help women.The main functions are divided into three categories, one is knowledge issues such as changes and attention during pregnancy, and the second is the mutual aid area of pregnant mothers. It can ask questions in it, and can also share interesting things in life with some experts.

The third is the help area of the doctor. From preparing for production to production, and confinement and postpartum repair, you can ask doctors and specialized experts.Prevent unnecessary panic when you encounter some problems.You can also understand how to avoid problems with fetal development and ensure the health of yourself and your baby.

Dr. Chunyu APP

Dr. Chunyu is a software diagnosed online.In fact, it is not only pregnancy. Xiaobian suggested that everyone prepare a software for quick consultation everyday.It is more troublesome to go to the hospital for examination.Many people are busy at work and do not take time to register for consultation, especially the expert number, and must make an appointment many days in advance.And the cause of the current epidemic has a great impact on travel.

During pregnancy, there will be some small problems during pregnancy. If you don’t check it, you will always feel that it will not be safe enough.But the more heavier the body will be in the late pregnancy, it is very inconvenient to act, and the boat and car will also affect the health of pregnant women.At this time, you can use online diagnosis. According to the doctor’s judgment results, you can consider whether to go to the hospital for specific examinations.Dr. Chunyu’s page is very simple and fresh, and there are no advertising recommendations.And answering questions is very fast and accurate.

Xiao Bian once had severe allergies, and the legs were itchy to late. After the online consultation, the doctor recommended two anti -allergic medicines, which did not exceed 30 yuan. After taking the symptoms of itching for a day, it disappeared. There was no follow -up of the follow -up.A new rash appears.Think about it, if you go to the hospital, look at the hospital for the hospital, and then queue up to take the medicine home. It is estimated that Xiaobian’s legs will really be scratched on the way.

True App

When it comes to pregnancy, there is a problem that pregnant mothers will consider, that is, the skin is poor and the body is decent due to pregnancy.But if you want to use skin care products, you are afraid of harmful to the fetus.

In fact, this is a misunderstanding that is harmful to the fetus and pregnant women, but it is a certain ingredient in a certain product. As long as the pregnant mother avoids the skin care products containing such ingredients.

The true self -app is a software that can query product ingredients. He has a special "pregnant mother mode".When pregnant mothers query the product, it directly determines whether the product contains the ingredients that pregnant women are not applicable to facilitate pregnant mothers to choose suitable products.And the true self -app can determine the skin’s thin and weak points according to the differentiality of the genetic structural structure.

The above is the product recommended by Xiaobian for your pregnant mothers. I hope that every expectant mother can easily give birth, maintain beauty, and be a delicate hot mom!

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