Weight loss will not increase the probability of pregnancy

Women who are obese and difficult to get pregnant are usually recommended to lose weight, but a new study recently published in the "Public Science Library -Medicine" found that weight loss will not bring too many benefits to fertility.

A random study conducted by 379 obesity and unknown infertility women found that compared with simply increasing sports without reducing weight, the weight loss brought about by changes in lifestyle will not increase the chance of pregnancy and healthy delivery.

"For decades, we know that obese women are often difficult to get pregnant. For this reason, many doctors have suggested that women lose weight before pregnancy. However, few studies have compared healthy lifestyles (that is, exercise) with exercise." ThesisDaniel J. Haisenleder, a researcher at the University of Virginia School of Medicine, the University of Virginia.

This Fit-Plese studied at 9 academic medical centers in the United States.Researchers divide the participants into two groups, and half of them strengthened the diet plan through meals, drugs, and increased exercise.The other half of women increased their exercise without trying to lose weight.After the above projects, both groups of participants were treated with three rounds of standard infertility.

After the experiment, the first group of women performed a weight loss plan and eventually lost 7%of their weight, and the weight of the second group of women basically remained unchanged.In the end, the health delivery rate between the two groups was not significantly different -among 188 women who completed the 16 -week strong weight loss plan, 23 people finally successfully delivered childbirth; among the 191 women who only completed the exercise plan, 29 people successfully gave birth to childbirth.Essence

However, strengthening the diet plan has indeed brought health benefits.In addition to the decline in weight, the incidence of female metabolic syndrome (leading to diabetes and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases) in this group decreased significantly.

According to the above studies, Haisen Celem et al. Conclusions: Compared with simply exercise, the weight loss plan has not made women more likely to have or improve the results of fertility.It is unlikely to increase the probability of pregnancy.

"Weight loss improves the metabolic health of the subject. But unfortunately, these changes will not improve fertility." Haisenley said, "For this population, infertility is still an important health issue and requires further researchSolved. "(Xu Rui)

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"China Science News" (2022-03-17 No. 2 International)

Source: Journal of Science

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