Want to know your body is deficient in iodine?

Source: Guangzhou Daily

Iodine is one of the important trace elements of the human body, but whether it is more or less, it will cause various troubles to our body.For example, long -term iodine deficiency can lead to large neck disease, clonia disease, thyroid dysfunction, and even affect fertility; and long -term iodine intake can also hurt the body, leading to thyroid nodules, thyroid mosque, hyperthyroidism, thyroid inflammation, and thyroiditisArmal hypothyroidism and severe even induced thyroid cancer.

These two types need iodine to supplement iodine

Maternal maternal: In addition to replenishing calcium, iron, folic acid, etc. during pregnancy, maintain a balanced nutrition, and should also be appropriately supplemented by iodine.Because iodine helps the development of fetal intelligence, if pregnant women deficiency, it can lead to brain injury of fetal and infants, causing irreversible intelligence and mental motor dysfunction.In the early pregnancy, the iodine required by the fetal brain and thyroid development came completely from the mother’s body, which greatly increased the amount of iodine demand of pregnant women. Therefore, the early pregnancy was also a good time to screen and correct iodine deficiency in a timely manner.

Children: iodine is also very important for children’s healthy growth. It participates in maintaining body metabolism, promoting physical development and brain development.The most obvious manifestation of children’s iodine deficiency is thyroid m chetogenesis and low intelligence.The test of iodine nutritional levels for children will help find out whether it is iodine deficiency and guide iodine in a timely manner.

Urine measurement can be seen in the iodine level in the body

How can I know if the iodine level in the body is normal?

Director Zhou Yingchun, Director of the Inspection Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine: It is very simple. Leave a cup of urine and urinary iodine to get it.When leaving urine, it is best to leave the first urine in the morning. If you can’t leave morning urine, the urine after 2 hours of urination is also possible.If you are at home, you can put your urine in a clean distilled water bottle (be careful not to use mineral water bottle) or a special sterile ureter led in the hospital.Generally, it is enough to leave about 10ml of urine, and then send it to the hospital as soon as possible.

Special people, such as pregnant women and children, have a relatively increased demand for iodine due to the need for pregnancy or growth.But iodine is not good. How to reasonably guide iodine?Zhou Yingchun suggested that pregnant women are best to do urinary iodine once each early, middle and late stages. Infants and children can do urinary iodine once in half a year. Patients with thyroid diseases should also regularly detect urine iodine content, and then consult the doctor to control iodine reasonably according to the results.intake.(All media reporters Weng Shuxian correspondent Fang Ning and Zhang Qiuxia)

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