Want to know if you are pregnant, see these methods!

From the beginning of pregnancy, we have been looking forward to getting pregnant.If you want to know if we are pregnant, we will be pregnant.Once we successfully conceive, our body will change.Through some instruments and equipment, we can detect whether we are pregnant.

Under normal circumstances, after pregnancy, we will have early pregnancy reactions, like the most common nausea and vomiting.Menstruation stops, and breast changes are also signs of pregnancy.However, these are just possible pregnancy, and it does not mean that we must be pregnant.Therefore, in order to prove that we are pregnant, we still need other means.

How can I know if I am pregnant?

Pregnancy test paper

If you have some signs of pregnancy, you don’t want to go to the hospital for examination.Then, using pregnancy test strips is a good way.Generally around two weeks of pregnancy, the pregnancy test strip can be detected.We try to choose morning urine for testing.

In addition to pregnancy test strips, do we have other ways?

In addition to using pregnancy test paper, we can also go to the hospital for related testing.Sometimes there may be inaccurate pregnancy test strips, but the relatively accuracy of hospital testing will be higher.

Steps for pregnancy tests: urine testing, internal diagnosis, ultrasonic.


The principle of urine testing is the same as the principle of pregnancy test strip, which is based on the changes in female body hormones after pregnancy.

Internal diagnosis

The internal diagnosis is generally performed after two weeks after pregnancy, and the accuracy is extremely high.In the early stages of pregnancy, the uterus will change, and doctors can easily perceive with their fingers.The internal diagnosis may feel uncomfortable or unaccustomed, but it has no impact on the fetus. You can rest assured.


Generally, about five weeks of pregnancy, doctors will have an ultrasonic examination of pregnant women.Ultrasonic examination is mainly to understand the state of the uterus, the relevant situation of fetal development, etc.

In the process of pregnancy testing, doctors will understand our menstrual conditions, whether to take medicine and other related information.If you are pregnant, the doctor may understand more information.

If you want to know your pregnancy, we must learn how to test pregnancy.

Even if the pregnancy test strip shows that we are pregnant, we need to go to the hospital for further confirmation.Do not happen to say that you have become pregnant without pregnancy, otherwise it will be embarrassing.The test results of the hospital are more authoritative and effective!

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