Want to get pregnant often "to be fast," why?

When it comes to pregnancy, two extremes are always found: some are in the middle, some are called …

Fully understand everyone’s mood, but pregnancy is not a matter of "fast desire".

From the process of pregnancy to pregnancy, not only pay attention to "the time and place of the world", but also the joint efforts of both husband and wife.

What should I make?

Today, let’s talk about the preparation pre -pregnancy before giving birth to a healthy baby.

When are you preparing for pregnancy?

Prepare at least "3 months" more than in advance!

The so -called, the soldiers and horses do not move grain.Everyone knows that seizing the timing of women’s ovulation is very important for improving the chance of pregnancy.But not only look at the timing, but also the quality.

Why does it take for 3 months?

01 The maturity of the small tadpoles requires cycle

Men’s tadpoles from eggs from eggs to maturity are sperm in the true sense, which requires about 72-90 days of growth cycle.

02 The formation of "Eggs of Sky" takes time

According to relevant medical data, before an excellent egg is excreted, it takes about 85 days to develop a long development process for nearly three months.

During this time, the follicles will go through 4 iteration upgrades. The poor quality of eggs will naturally degenerate apoptosis. Finally, 1-2 healthy and high-quality eggs will be excreted.

What should I do during my three -month pregnancy?

01 Pre -pregnancy examination

For 3 to 6 months before pregnancy, both men and women should have a pre -pregnancy examination. On the one hand, it helps both parties to understand the health state before pregnancy, including sperm quality, vitality, and uterine ovarian conditions.

On the other hand, you can also detect potential risks of pregnancy in advance through examination, such as cervicitis and vaginitis that affect surrogacy.Timely treatment before pregnancy can improve the efficiency and quality of pregnancy.

02 Keep regular room frequency

During pregnancy, too much in the same room will affect pregnancy.

If there are too many times, it may increase the burden on the body for men, and the sperm supply is in short supply. For women, it may increase the chance of being invaded by bacteria and produce inflammation.The decline in sperm vitality is not conducive to conception.

Therefore, during pregnancy, it is generally recommended to maintain the frequency of the same room once every 2-3 days.If the ovulation period is encountered, the number of homes can be appropriately increased.

Pregnancy is a psychological and physiological hard battle. While preparing to prepare adequate preparations during pregnancy, we must also encourage each other and adjust their mentality. After all, we have a "comprehensive strength" for our fertility.

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