Wang Xiaofei was once a king, until he married Da S

You will never think that Wang Xiaofei, Master of Beijing, Geosherong, will actually be tied with the word of survival.

Be careful and do things like a thin ice. A man like him can live to 80 episodes in the palace fighting drama.

The surface of the big S looks gentle and virtuous, the clouds are light and light, like Zhen Ye, but in fact, there is a Hua concubine in her heart, and she is always buried.

The most scary thing is that two people eat it positively, and suddenly ask you if you regret marry me.

Fukuhara Ai in "Happiness Triple" feels that it is intentionally arranged to compare with Big S.

Fukuhara Ai is a girl in Japan. She is particularly considerate to take care of her husband, so after arriving in the village, she started to cook Jiang Hongjie.

After seeing it, Big S lasted that he was not wise and did not cook for her husband. After Wang Xiaofei heard it, he wanted to survive immediately.

No, you are very virtuous, you bring me a lot of things, you are very good.

Da S felt that Wang Xiaofei was perfunctory and continued to bury the mine. Then I need to cook for you. Wang Xiaofei immediately said, no, I am not hungry.

How could Wang Xiaofei not be hungry, took the plane, and walked around Pangshan Road, but survived that he wanted to make him dare not call his wife to cook.

What to do if he was hungry, Wang Xiaofei took advantage of Da S to hiding in the corner of the corner to drink the advertiser’s milk, like a thief.

The milk was not hungry, and Wang Xiaofei found a pack of ham again. He didn’t need to cut it at all, and he ate it directly.

Do not let your wife see with time race.

Pay attention to the big S in the upper right corner. As soon as he stepped into the living room, Wang Xiaofei immediately put down the fork.

Looking out of the window, creating a state where you are not hungry.

But Wang Xiaofei finally lost in the craftsmanship of Fukuhara Ai. The bento sent by Fukuhara Ai was so delicious that Wang Xiaofei forgot himself.

Da S saw Wang Xiaofei who was so sweating and sweating, so he asked deafening, do you regret marrying me?

Wang Xiaofei suddenly realized that he should not eat so fragrant. He put down chopsticks instantly.

The next day, Da S thought that he would still have to fight for it. At 7 o’clock in the morning, he woke up to cook breakfast for Wang Xiaofei. What did you cook and cooked sushi.

In the early morning dinner, Wang Xiaofei couldn’t say anything, but he insisted on eating half a plate to say that he couldn’t move.

But Big S is not satisfied with this amount. With a murderous, I think you don’t want to eat at all.

Then I started to complain that anyway, I only felt delicious, and others didn’t like to eat it. Forget it.

Wang Xiaofei was a little frightened when he saw that Da S was a little bit angry, and his desire to survive immediately reunited. No, wife, really, really delicious.

What should I do if it is delicious, continue to eat.

It can be seen that Wang Xiaofei was really stiff. A sushi rolled over in his mouth and rolled over, but he couldn’t roll in his throat.

Then the big S was staring at your parents who died as a child. She also imitated Wang Xiaofei’s difficulty of swallowing, hahahahahaha.

Da S was loose when he saw that he was uncomfortable. Well, forget it, he would not eat it, but Wang Xiaofei did not dare to test the authenticity of this sentence.

In order to avoid unnecessary damage, I gritted my teeth and said, I can still eat it.

When the last one was eaten, he almost wanted to vomit. Fortunately, his witty hands held his mouth and held his mouth vigorously.

No big S saw any flaws, this destiny was preserved.

But even if you are so cautious, you still make the big S cry. It may be that the mood of miscarriage is unstable.

They went to ride a bicycle, and Wang Xiaofei carried Da S to run. I didn’t know if it was because of bumps or because he didn’t sit firmly. Anyway, Da S called to park.

Wang Xiaofei may just prove that he has good skills, and he feels that it should be okay, so he ran a few meters more.

As soon as I got the car, the big S collapsed and cried, beating again, and tipping my ears.

Don’t think that the big S is small. She slapped Yan Chengxu out of the nosebleeds, but how painful Wang Xiaofei was.

Wang Xiaofei watched his wife crying, and he began to regain his life. Big S would not ride a bike, and he pushed and ran behind.

Big S said that I seemed to find a cycling, maybe because you were holding me, Wang Xiaofei immediately had a high emotional intelligence. No, I didn’t help you, but looking at the picture, I actually became a dog.

After pushing it later, the front continued, Da S was so happy that Wang Xiaofei said that we were so comfortable, as if it was a feeling of love.

Big S said that I was comfortable, you are not pleasant, Wang Xiaofei said breathlessly that I was very comfortable, and I could digest my sushi. I was so happy.

Wang Xiaofei thought that he had already made up for it, and his words were seamless. After all, even the rotten words of digestive sushi were happy.

As a result, Big S went back to bed. On the surface, I was reading quietly. In fact, I looked at Wang Xiaofei fiercely, roaring, I was angry.

Wang Xiaofei ran in and began to touch the big S’s head. What’s wrong, why, why angry.

The straight man Wang Xiaofei has obviously forgotten the cries of crying, and Big S obviously wants to embarrass Wang Xiaofei and continue to give him propositions.

But Wang Xiaofei’s brain circuit is also funny. Generally, this situation is to comfort a few words, or domineering presidential niches.

But he said that we walked the road again. This time, when you listen to you, you stop, I stop, okay.

As soon as the big S heard it, I broke the merit instantly. I had prepared a lot of lines in the back, and I didn’t use it anymore. I had to say that you would pretend to be cute.

Don’t make noisy with you, don’t make trouble with you, just place your desire to survive. What can you do? At most, you can raise an idiot at most.

In contrast, Brother Cultural and Martial Arts, who is also a Cancer, is a bit skinny. Not only does he have a strong desire to survive, but even dare to tease his wife.

They went to sing, and Brother Wenwu was a Mai Ba, singing forgotten, and fell away from the wife next to him.

Jiang Qinqin said that you should sing, all you are singing. As a result, Brother Wenwu was still unwilling to let go of the microphone and said, then we chorus.

The chorus chorus, Jiang Qinqin also swallowed this breath. As a result, before he said that, before he opened his mouth, Brother Wenwu put cold arrows, and you just hummed. Anyway, you couldn’t sing well.

Hahahahaha, Jiang Qinqin’s eyes, don’t think you are the emperor, I am afraid of you.

When eating, Jiang Qinqin cooked his noodles with his big belly.

The result is what the meal is selected, because I am too hungry, so I feel that the noodles are particularly delicious.

Jiang Qinqin’s question number, isn’t it because I cooked deliciously, all the words were handed over, so I would make my wife happy.

As a result, Brother Wenwu said that you cook delicious, but if the meal is not right, it is not fragrant.

OK, negative points.

Maybe because the big S is a "dark wife", Wang Xiaofei’s survival desire is really strong, and it is also particularly stupid and cute.

Big S said that I dreamed that I wanted to drink orange juice, and Wang Xiaofei immediately understood what she meant, and squeezed a glass of orange juice in the kitchen.

Da S said that he was so tired to lie down for a while. He immediately got up to find a blanket and stunned his wife and built his wife.

Hearing his wife murmured to whisper, listening to his wife’s instructions with low head.

Seeing my wife’s sleep, I secretly went to see my wife asleep. It was really a lot of details that could be taken care of everywhere.

Even when drawing sketches for Big S, I always adhere to the desire to survive, and the big S’s rules tattoos can not dare to draw in.

Even the last effect, they said like indifferent little s, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Wang Xiaofei’s desire to survive is not the same as the pet wife. Pet wives may be meticulous care, or buy bags and flowers to wash dishes.

Wang Xiaofei and Da S are the chemical reactions of the typical Beijing Rough Master and the Dark Princess of Taiwan, although you put it cold arrows.

But Big S is undoubtedly happy. You can continue to make a wolf in the marriage, and Wang Xiaofei looks like the sheep running by the big S butcher Hohhot.

No wonder so many people are envious of Great S in real name. She really wants to be willful and will cry when she wants to cry. Wang Xiaofei is well received.

Fukuhara Ai and Jiang Hongjie are two children who fell into the honeypot. They loved, hard, and could not wait to kiss a hundred times. Big brothers and Jiang Qinqin were old wives and old wives. They understood each other.

And Wang Xiaofei and Big S are the middle areas. They are worried about educating children and running for the quality of life. There may be small frictions and contradictions, but they are real and straightforward.

So far, someone is saying that Wang Xiaofei should not find a big S, and he lives weakly, but I think the warm and warm knows, maybe the strong survival wants to make Wang Xiaofei Zhengle.

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