Vaginal inflammation is uncomfortable!Different causes of infection and symptoms are different, how to distinguish, one article explicit clearly

Vaginal inflammation is no stranger to women, because this is a situation that most women will encounter. Although they are familiar, if they ask what causes it, it is estimated that they can’t say it. More women may feel embarrassed.Don’t want to go to see a doctor, try to bear it yourself!In fact, there are many causes of vaginal inflammation. According to their infected bacteria, they can also be divided into many types, and their symptoms are different, and most women have the possibility of illness, which is not a "bad" disease.

So, what causes vaginal inflammation?How to distinguish the symptoms?What should I do?Do you want to treat it special … wait, today we will talk about this embarrassing but necessary topic.

The vagina is unique to women and one of the very important organs. Its role is Unicom’s female vulva and uterus, as a path of sexual life and fertilization.Under normal circumstances, certain substances need to be secreted to maintain a certain degree of humidity.However, if abnormalities occur, these secretions may change and they will feel uncomfortable, which often indicates that the vaginal inflammation occurs.

Generally speaking, see if there is inflammation of the vagina, on the one hand, it depends on the patient’s own feelings, and on the other hand, it depends on the secretion. Normal vaginal secretions are milky white and have no special odor. This is related to the characteristics of the vagina.Because the vagina itself has its own special flora and reaches a state of balance, it will keep its acid and alkali between 4-4.5.However, it should be reminded that if women enter the ovulation period, the secretion is different from usual, and it will present a transparent water shape. Many women can also use observation of the secretions to determine whether pregnancy can be prepared.

Vaginitis may exist during various periods, but in general, the chance of inflammation before and after the menstrual period and during pregnancy is relatively high, but the judgment of vaginal inflammation is relatively easy. For exampleFor example, there are many amounts, heavy odor, etc., you can distinguish it according to the following situations:

Depending on the vaginal inflammatory secretions:

1. Increased secretions and pieces.

2. The color of the secretions changes, such as green, brown, and cheese -like.

3. The smell of secretions changes, such as odor, fishy smell, etc.

The symptoms of vaginal discomfort are obvious. For example, vaginal itching, burning pain, redness, bleeding, bleeding, etc. In addition, symptoms of urinary systems may occur, such as frequent urination, urgency, dysuria and pain, and lower abdomen pain.

There are many factors that cause inflammation of the vagina. From the usual habits, diet, emotion, sleep to chronic diseases, can cause vaginal inflammation, but this also causes various types of vaginal inflammation:

1. Eat habits, such as eating too much sugar, sweets, etc.

2. Irregular living habits, such as staying up late, poor sleep quality, smoking, alcoholism and so on.

3. Poor hygiene habits, usually do not pay attention to cleaning private parts.

4. Sexual behavior is too frequent.

5. Pregnancy, endocrine, changes in immunity.

6. Diabetes.

In addition, it should be noted that vaginal inflammation has a certain relationship with sexual behavior, mainly because it is easy to bring external infection sources, so the more frequent women’s chances of illness are relatively large, andThe main reason is that hormone secretion changes, leading to different changes in the temperature, humidity, and pH of the vagina, which can easily lead to changes in flora and infection.

Depending on the causes, vaginal inflammation can be divided into several types of bacterial, moldy, sexual infection (trichomonas). We talk separately.

Bacterial vaginitis is the most common vaginitis. According to statistics, the number of statistics accounts for about half. The cause of bacterial vaginitis is related to the disorders of the flora and the acid -base balance is broken. After the flora is imbalanced, the bacteria that are not good for the human body take the initiative.As a result, infection.

Half of this vaginitis will have a lot of leucorrhea, a gray -green secretion, the secretion has a fishy smell, and the symptoms of itching and pain.

We know that bacterial vaginitis is caused by flora dysfunction, so there are several things in daily life that often cause bacterial vaginitis without knowing it:

1. Use vaginal cleaner or wash the vagina

This is often some of people’s wrong ideas. It is believed that only these cleaner can make the vagina cleaner and avoid infection. In fact, it is just the opposite, because there are fixed flora in the vagina of women to reach a balanced state, and the cleaner is used to use the cleaner.It will break this balance, leading to the invasion of the outside world, and forming bacterial vaginitis, so cleaning only needs to be washed with water.

2. Do not pay attention to hygiene during menstruation

Because there will be bleeding during menstruation, the blood is prone to breed bacteria. At this time, if there is no diligent sanitary napkin, it may lead to an increase in the chance of infection.

3. Frequent sexual behavior or multiple partners

Frequent behaviors will increase the chance of external bacteria into the vagina, which will lead to bacterial infections, and multiple partners will also increase the chance of this infection.

White Candida infection is also called Candida vaginitis and fungal vaginitis. At this time, patients will have obvious itching and swelling of vulva, and a small amount of bleeding may occur.The vaginal secretions are mostly white cheese -like, which looks thick, but generally does not have a special taste.

What situation is prone to white Candida vaginitis?

The warm and humid environment is suitable for mold growth. Therefore, if women often wear close or tight pants in this environment, it is easy to induce white Candida infection.In addition, women who have low immunity, or women who take medicines for chronic diseases are high -risk groups of white Candida inflammation.

In addition, women need to pay attention to that Candida infection is generally impossible to heal. Once the infection is found, you should go to the hospital as soon as possible to avoid missing the golden period of treatment.

The vaginal trichomonas is a parasitic. Its infection is usually infected by sexual behavior, and the problem of treatment requires the treatment of male and female partners together. Otherwise, there will be mutual infection and recur.

The vaginal trichoma infection may occur in the following symptoms:

The secretion is yellow -green, and the nature is foam, which may emit a bad odor

The vagina may appear itching and burning, the manifestation of redness, swelling, and pain in the vulva, and there will be abnormal urination, such as urination heat pain.

The infection of vaginal trichomonians is relatively simple. Generally, men and women’s partners can take the drugs for about a week. During this period, they should be clever and avoid mutual infection. Women may require strengthening treatment, such as using polish.

What about vaginitis?Will it be good?How long will it be good?Do you want to take medicine?What kind of medicine to take?These are issues that many women want to know. Don’t worry, let’s say clearly…. There are always countless issues about vaginal inflammation, don’t worry, let’s make it clear for everyone.

What if vaginitis occurs?First of all, you should avoid using a cleaning agent to clean, but you should choose to ask for a doctor. Whether it is Chinese medicine and western medicine, it is possible to have vaginal itching, pain, secretions, and changes in the traits. The best way is to ask the doctor for help.To judge the type, so that the right medicine can be treated. If it is medicated, avoid purchasing it by yourself, because different vaginitis medications are different, and the wrong use may aggravate the condition.

Generally, the treatment of vaginal inflammation is medication. Common drugs include, vaginitis ointment, vaginal inflammatory suppositories, and oral vaginal inflammatory drugs.

Generally, the treatment of drugs can be used for about one week. Usually, the medicine can be cured by taking the medicine according to the doctor’s requirements. If it is not improved after taking the medicine, you should consult the doctor to see if there is a misdiagnosis, or whether you need to replace it if you need to replace it, or you need to replace it.drug.

Because the recurrence rate of vaginal inflammation is not low, in addition to the use of drugs, it is recommended to start from the place where daily life can control to prevent repeated inflammation of the vagina.

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