Uzi fiancee revealed that his heart experience: vomit bleeding after pregnancy, drive to the hospital by himself

Recently, in addition to the upcoming 2022 LPL summer season, netizens in the e -sports circle are undoubtedly the best thing to upgrade to the prospective father.Since UZI fiancee Tingting shared the good news of her pregnancy with fans, many friends and relatives of the e -sports circle have also sent blessings, including Guan Zeyuan and Yu Shuang’s couple, even strawberries, smiling this.A group of retired players also forwarded Weibo to congratulate the puppy to become father.

According to Uzi unlike AOMIMI, she revealed that she announced the news that she had gone through the dangerous early pregnancy after finding out pregnancy.After the successful proposal, the puppy has set a plan to receive a certificate of 5.20 this year, but it is delayed by the epidemic.As for the questions about the birth time of the fans’ curious children, she also answered all the smooth words in the text. She and Uzi’s children will be born around mid -December.

After publishing the good news of pregnancy, AOMIMI also often posted some interesting things and their own situations during their pregnancy and their own situation. After all, fans are also very concerned about AOMIMI’s physical and mental health.Today, AOMIMI also shared a interesting experience after finding out of pregnancy. However, although this incident was regarded as a funny thing by Aomimi, this experience still made fans feel a little worried.

On the social media, Omimi posted that she was still in the period of sealing two months ago, because she was severely sick and vomiting bleeding to see a doctor for examination.However, at the time, her driver was also sealed and could only drive to the hospital by himself, and because Uzi could not drive, Omimi could only drive Uzi to the hospital by himself.At the entrance of the hospital, the guard kept staring at her and Uzi and asked what department, and Omimi also answered the obstetrics.The reason why Omimi was funny was that her hospital was the obstetrics and gynecology hospital, so when the gatekeeper asked her what department was looking at the department, she would be funny.

However, when I heard that Omemi had bleeding from pregnancy, it still made fans a little scared, and in the messages, they said that they would let UZI learn to learn the car early.What do netizens think of this?Welcome to leave a message in the comment area below to share your views.

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