Unexpectedly, does it affect the fetus?(two)

The previous article talked to you that folic acid played a vital role in the development of the fetal nervous system, and began to supplement from 2-3 months before pregnancy.

But many times, if you are pregnant, you will never happen to be so coincident. Many friends are. Before they have time to supplement folic acid, they are unexpectedly conceived.Therefore, many expectant parents will be worried that will it have any impact on the development of the fetus?I’m scared!

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In fact, do not eat folic acid nor do you need to be too anxious

I can understand the worries of the expectant parents. After all, no one wants to affect the fetal development because of the lack of folic acid, so that the baby will lose on the starting line.From this perspective, expectant parents will care about how much folic acid eats or how much it will affect the fetus.

In fact, not eating folic acid in time does not mean that the fetus is 100 % affected.Looking back on our parents, in the era when the conditions were not very good in the past, not every pregnant woman could eat folic acid, and the babies born may not necessarily have nervous system disorders.

Sometimes I get pregnant unexpectedly. It is also effective to eat after you want. Don’t worry too much. Just adjust your mentality.

Our body originally had folic acid reserves

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In daily diet, the ingredients also contain folic acid, especially green leafy vegetables, such as west blue flowers, spinach, rapeseed, asparagus, etc., and the content is relatively high.As long as our daily intake reaches 500g, our body will store a part of folic acid, which requires us to eat more fresh vegetables in usual.

It is too late to add immediately after pregnancy

When you find that your baby is usually delayed for about 1 week.If calculated at this time, it is found that pregnancy is about 5 weeks of pregnancy, and it may be about 6 weeks of pregnancy later, so it is also effective to be supplemented by starting to replenish folic acid after pregnancy.Eat composite vitamins.

In fact, no matter if you eat folic acid before pregnancy or start to supplement folic acid after you are pregnant, you don’t have to panic. It is the most important thing to maintain a good mentality during pregnancy.

Because after pregnancy, there are various checks to check the child’s development and the development of the fetal nervous system repeatedly.So what you have to do during pregnancy is to maintain a good attitude and spend every day, which is the most important.

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