Unexpected pregnancy, there are 4 major hazards for medication. You need to pay attention to 6 things after the drug flow!

Many women are pregnant unexpectedly when they are not ready, and most of them will take people to terminate pregnancy.But for female friends who are afraid of people, they will use the method of drug flow.So what do you need to pay attention to after the drug flow?

Harm of drug flow

It is easy to cause inflammatory infection: the embryo tissue in the uterine cavity of the uterine cavity after the drug flow can be discharged on the same day. Sometimes the pregnancy tissue is discharged in incomplete, the uterine membrane is not good, the vaginal bleeding time is long, which can last for 2-3 weeks, or even 1-2.moon.Long -term irregular bleeding after the drug flow can cause chronic anemia, reduce physical resistance, and easily cause bacterial infections.

Causes major bleeding: The shortcomings of drug abortion are that it is easy to cause abortion incompleteness. The residual fetal membrane tissue can cause blood collapse and cause severe bleeding. It is necessary to immediately be admitted to the hospital for cleaning.

Low success rate: In recent years, many examples of gynecological inflammation have been abounded due to unclear drug flow, which have caused infertility due to unclear drug flow.It was only a dozen years in the birth of rice olthara, and the clinical trials were not sufficient enough.The success rate is only 75%.

Delivery: The drug flow is easy to cause the fallopian tube to block, the cervical adhesion, and cause infertility; the drug flow is not clean, the clearing of the palace is improper, and it may also cause infertility.Essence

Pay attention to 6 things after the drug flow

(1) Forbidden sexual life: Some people have a long time after drug abortion, but some people are short, and some people sometimes have no bleeding.In any case, sexual life is prohibited before menstruation.Because the cervix mouth is loose during abortion, the effect of preventing bacteria from entering the uterine cavity is weakened.In sexual life, bacteria hidden in men’s foreskin and bacteria in women’s vulva, vagina, and cervix can be used to infected the uterine cavity. At the same time, the blood sinus is open after the embryonic tissue is exfoliated, which is easy to be infected by bacteria.

(2) Do not wash the basin ponds within one month after the drug abortion, no vaginal rinse, and prohibit swimming.

(3) Sanitary napkins and sanitary paper are used for qualified products; sanitary napkins should be changed frequently; underwear that does not wear fiber fabrics; underwear is changed daily.

(4) The drug flow strictly follows the doctor’s advice on time. The precautions before the drug flow cannot be ignored; today, the drug flow has become a kind of boom, and the precautions before the drug flow are also very complicated and necessary.Therefore, it is necessary to fully understand the precautions before the use of the drug flow.

(5) If the vaginal bleeding occurs after the drug is aborted, and the time is more than seven days, the antibiotics need to be taken under the guidance of the doctor to prevent infection.If bleeding for more than two weeks, you need to go to the hospital for examination.

(6) Pay attention to increasing nutrition, enhance the body’s resistance to disease, and promote the early repair of damaged organs.Pay attention to iron supplementation in nutrition. The protein intake should be sufficient, and you need to eat more vitamin -rich foods.

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