Unexpected pregnancy net red ball crying in front of her mother and said, because she is still a child

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Today, the online celebrity ball was crying with her mother, and she said that she was not ready to be a mother.She was also criticized by her father, Lao Zhao, because she was pregnant, which made her mood very complicated and sad.

For me, unexpected pregnancy has a lot of blows.As a moderate depression, I was originally a patient.Knowing my iron powder knows that I have been taking medicine.I was not ready to be a mother. Suddenly pregnancy made me frustrated.I have always been carefully with my boyfriend for 4 years, and have never been pregnant.After receiving the marriage certificate, I relaxed my vigilance and did not expect to get pregnant unexpectedly.I like children very much, and I don’t hate children’s arrival.But I have repeatedly asked myself countless times. I am still a child myself, and my mother needs to take care of every day.I asked myself, I couldn’t be a good mother.

I have always focused on my work. I don’t want the outside world to think that everything I have rely on my father.Although our family may be envious now, only I know the sweet and sour and bitter.Under the spotlight, I am not as happy as you think.Doing the right thing others will not praise, because it is reasonable, but once I do something wrong, I will be infinitely exaggerated because I am the daughter of Mr. Zhao Benshan.

I have been starting a business recently, and both companies have just started.My career is booming!I don’t want to give up my career because of family chores.This pregnancy represents that I want to go home to recuperate.My Shenyang media company has just been listed and has a lot of work to do.When I am pregnant, I will go home to recuperate.If you decide to give birth to a child, I will be responsible for the child, and I must not have too much work.

There was only one thing that made me hesitate to be a family dispute a few days ago.Because I am pregnant, we discuss the problem of children’s surnames.My mother said that the first child should surname Zhao, but the father -in -law did not agree.And my husband did not want to mix about this, he returned to Europe without saying hello.He completely escaped this matter and made me very worried.Fearing that the child was irresponsible after his birth, he continued to hide behind the scenes as before, and did not dare to face difficulties.

The ball said that her husband loved her very much, otherwise we would not be able to get married.But he was confusing to me. When he encountered the situation that could not be handled, he would only hide far away and leave a woman at home to these difficulties.This makes a woman more and more insecure, so I am scared now.I don’t want to have children now, and there are still many things to deal with the company.There was a conflict between parents and father -in -law, but her husband stayed away from these things and did not participate in handling.These problems are added together to reject my children.So today I cried, not because I hate children, but because I was really not ready.

Although I am almost 30 years old, I am still a child.Everything in my life is taken care of by my mother.After having a boyfriend, everything was handled by him.I only know how to work and eat.If you want to take care of a child now, I really are not ready at all.My inner fear is getting more and more serious. Although my mother was comforting me and said that after giving birth to a child, my grandmother would help take care of it.But I am still very scared.I really don’t want children now.

If a responsible man face these difficulties with me, maybe my inner fear and fear will be reduced a lot.My husband has many advantages. He usually knows how to take care of people. He never discounts what I say, and he is usually humorous. When I feel bad, I often tease me.But he did have a fatal weakness. When he encountered difficulties, he did not dare to face each other actively and to hide behind him.

The ball made two videos today, probably to discuss this issue with netizens.She said that if there is a child, she should give up the company.There have been more than 10 million fans on the Internet for many years, and she is very nostalgic for those netizens who accompany her day and night.

Then she discussed the child’s last name.My parents insisted very much, saying that the first child had to be surnamed Zhao.But my father -in -law did not compromise and thought that the child had to be with his father’s surname.The ball asked the netizens to give her an idea. When her husband was not around, everything had to be determined by her own.At this time, it is really difficult to make choices.Do you give up your career and go home and have children, or stand on his parents, and the child who insists on the surname of Zhao.These problems are all over me, and I can’t find the exit of venting, and my mood is very uncomfortable.

How much I hope my husband can appear in front of me immediately and face difficulties with me!I can accommodate him and let him.Last month, he secretly used my card to buy the house for 30 million, and he bought it for my father -in -law and mother -in -law.I did not criticize my husband, because money was originally used, and from small to large, I really did not have any concept of money.So I only have a request for my husband. When I encounter a problem, I must face it bravely, do not avoid it.

The ball also said that she was criticized by her father.Since childhood, my dad is very severe to me.He did not allow me to have any hesitation for having a child.I do not allow things that hurt children by myself.But now I am surrounded by so many difficulties, and the whole person is almost collapsed.Today, I cried quickly, but my mood was still very depressed and sad.The arrival of new life is indeed a challenge for me. I hope that I can adjust my mentality and spend this level.I hope my husband can return to me earlier. At this time, my children and I need him to avoid it.

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