Unexpected pregnancy, in the face of various ways of abortion surgery, these points are critical. It is recommended to find out

The termination of pregnancy through drugs or artificial methods within three months of pregnancy is called artificial abortion, and can be used as a remedy measure for accidents that fail to accidentally get pregnant.Artificial abortion is divided into two types: surgery and drug abortion. You need to choose the appropriate abortion method according to your own situation.

1. Drug abortion

Under the guidance of a doctor, the drug abortion is rationally used, and it is not used in artificial equipment to prevent infection or damage to the reproductive organs.However, the drug flow may occur. The residual fetal membrane tissue may cause blood collapse. It must be cleaned up to avoid life -threatening. Generally, it is not recommended to pass the drug flow.

2. Ordinary flow

The artificial abortion needs to be scraped, allowing the pregnancy tissue that attached to the uterine wall to get away, and then use a negative pressure suction to absorb the gestational sac.The success rate of ordinary abortion is relatively high, and there are few abortion situations. If an accident occurs during the operation, it can be rescued at any time.In addition, observation after surgery can be discharged in 3 to 5 hours, but the pain is relatively strong. Women who are weak in their bodies are prone to shock during the operation.In addition, if the device is not disinfected when people flow, they may cause genital infection.

3. Painless abortion

Painless abortion is to choose negative pressure absorbing surgery after the whole body intravenous anesthesia, and suck the embryo tissue.Painless abortion is performed during sleep. It will not have fear and pain, and can successfully complete surgery, which can reduce danger and pain.

It is the best time period for drug abortion within 49 days after pregnancy. If the fetus has developed too much for more than three months, it can only induce labor.

Not all of them are suitable for drug abortion. For women with high blood pressure, severe heart liver and kidney disease, aged 35, ectopic pregnancy, and people with glaucoma, endocrine disorders, asthma, and allergic constitutions cannot be drug flow.

In addition, the drug flow will also bring certain sequelae such as cervicitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, and attachmentitis.

Those who are within three months of pregnancy can choose an artificial abortion. The abortion surgery is simple, and it only takes 3 to 5 days to complete.People who are allergic to anesthesia or during surgery cannot do artificial abortion.In addition, people with heart insufficiency, heart disease, acute inflammation of reproductive systems, and hydrolytic disorders and severe muscle weakness cannot be the flow of people.

Kind tips:

Select the appropriate flow of people according to your own situation.Before the flow of people, we must maintain a good mental state, pay more attention to rest, and transfer attention.After abortion surgery, eat more high -quality protein foods, such as lean meat, eggs, milk, beans, etc. to promote physical recovery.Avoid the same room within one month after the flow of people.Avoid eating cold and irritating foods during this period.

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