Understand the basics of the foundation, self -test self -test, and care for women’s health

Many women who need to prepare for pregnancy or patients with irregular menstruation are often required to monitor their basic body temperature when they go back to the gynecological clinic.

What is the basic body temperature?

What is the significance of monitoring the base temperature?

How should the basic body temperature be measured correctly?


Let us answer them one by one today


What is the basic body temperature

Basal Body Temperature referred to as BBT) refers to the status of the human body in a sober and quiet, not affected by factors such as muscle activity, mental tension, food and environmental temperature.It is called "basic body temperature", also known as "static body temperature", and is usually determined before getting up in the morning.

Kind tips:

It is recommended to put the thermometer on the bedside table the night before, and you can measure it directly after waking up the next morning!Don’t think about brushing your teeth, wash your face, drink a glass of boiling water, and then measure the base temperature!


Why do women’s basic body temperature changes periodic changes

This temperature change is related to the ovulation of women. After ovulation, the progesterone produced by the luteal of the ovarian luteum is in the temperature adjustment center of the hypothalamus, which can increase the basal body temperature.


How does the basal body temperature change

The beginning of the menstrual cycle of women is based on the first day of menstrual redness.Expect.(As shown below)

The follicle period is different, but the luteal stage is fixed for about 14 days.The next day after ovulation, due to the formation of the ovarian, the secretion of progesterone will cause the body temperature to be raised by about 0.5 degrees, which makes the body temperature change.The high temperature period lasts about 12-16 days (average 14 days).After ovulation, the body temperature rises, and the body temperature starts to decline 1 to 2 days before menstruation or the first day of menstruation.Therefore, the normal menstrual cycle, the body temperature is drawn daily into a two -phase curve.(As shown below)

Ovulation menstrual cycle (bilateral)

1. If you are not pregnant, the luteal atrophy stops the secretion of progesterone, the body temperature decreases, and returns to the basic line.(As shown above)

2. If you are pregnant, the luteal is supported by embryo secretion of choric membrane to promote gonad hormone, transforms into pregnancy luteal, continues to secrete progesterone, and the body temperature continues to high temperature.

3. If the ovarian function is poor, there is no ovulation or luteal formation, and the body temperature will continue to be low.(As shown below)

Ovulation -free menstrual cycle (low temperature single phase nature)


What is the use of self -test base temperature?

It can be discovered early.

The menstrual cycle depends on the gonad axis, that is, the regulation of the lower mound brain -pituitary -ovarian axis, which is affected by the cerebral cortex. The changes in the internal and external environment of the body affect the normal regulation of the cerebral cortex, which may cause menstrual changes.Can reflect changes in the menstrual cycle.

Learn the method of self -testing the basic body temperature, and can draw the basic body temperature curve to help know the stage of your ovarian function, appropriately regulate emotions, sleep, etc., reduce the stimulation of the cerebral cortex, maintain the stability of the axis of the gonad, actively avoid the initiative to avoidOr reduce the occurrence of menstrual disorders.


How do Chinese medicine know menstruation?How to adjust the treatment principle according to the cycle

Li Shizhen in "Compendium of Materia Medica 李"Women’s Moonwater": "Women, Yin, the main blood, the blood on the blood, the blood of the blood, the moon has a profit and loss, the tide is over and over, the month of the month is in line withMoonwater, moon faith, menstruation. "

Menstruation is an important feature in women’s lives, and it is also a scale to measure women’s reproductive health.The age of the early menstrual period is mostly 13-15 years old, but it may be as early as 11-12 years old to 15 to 16 years old. After 16 years of age, menstruation should be found in the future.Essence14 to 49 years old. Except for pregnancy and breastfeeding, they usually have tide once a month, and they have a term.

If there is no disease in the body, and a group of people every two months is called "parallel"; a three -month -old party is called "seasonable";Because the fetus is called the "Qi Jing".

There are many common causes of menstrual abnormalities: such as less menstruation, which may be due to low ovarian function, endometritis, uterine cavity adhesion, and endometrial tuberculosis.Monthly and extended menstrual period may be accompanied by uterine fibroids, pelvic inflammatory disease, and endometriosis.It may also be caused by systemic diseases: such as insufficiency of heart function, liver cirrhosis, leukemia, primary platelet reduction purpura, iron deficiency anemia, etc.In addition, changes in climate, season, and living conditions, mental stimuli, emotional tension, over -diet weight loss, excessive fatigue, menstrual periods of cold, rain, or cold food can also cause menstrual abnormalities.

Kind tips:

The Shanghai Female Department of Shanghai founded a unique cycle therapy to help establish a normal menstrual cycle and regulate menstruation.

In the late menstrual period (that is, follicle period): adopt the kidney -breeding recipe to promote ovulation.

In the middle of menstruation (that is, ovulation period): The use of kidney cultivation and recipes is used to promote luteal formation.

Meridity period: The four objects are used to regulate the soup conditioning.The scriptures should be guided, and the Jingjing should be supplemented.


Which living habits help women’s reproductive health?

Pay attention to the changes in the warmth of the climate and prevent the invasion of the cold evil. Pay attention to avoid rain and wading during menstruation.Use a hot water bottle or hot compress bag to warm the lower abdomen for several days before the menstrual tide, until the menstruation is coming.

Maintain sufficient sleep, avoid excessive nervousness during the previous menstrual period, and use listening music to maintain a comfortable mood.

Avoid house affairs during menstruation, pay attention to clean and hygiene during menstruation.

Discovery abnormal body temperature and menstrual disorders went to the hospital in time.

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