Under what circumstances can you get pregnant

Li Jun and Liu Ying divorced.

Anyone who is familiar with them does not believe it, because everyone knows that they are in a good relationship.

The two of them were dressed as couples when they were in elementary school.Junior high school and high school are holding schools in their hands.The adults of the two children said that they were couples who were born in the last life, and they would be married when they were born.

One day, Li Jun would have a business trip, and it would take half a year to return.Li Jun pulled Liu Ying’s hand affectionately, saying that I only have you in my heart, and I can’t tolerate anyone a little bit.Liu Ying is even more unpalatable: My heart, including my body, is yours, and has no response to others.Don’t rest assured.The two people are reluctant, the tenderness, tears, and difficult to give up.

After the date of the business trip, Li Jun returned.People who have a good thing before they get home tell him that your daughter -in -law has been pregnant for three months.Li Jun was confused, how can I get pregnant for three months for half a year.Just entered the door,

Liu Ying hugged Li Jun more than crying. Li Jun was busy asking what happened. Liu Yingshu said that everything happened after leaving: one day after you left, someone knocked on the door outside the door. She just opened the door.The knife forced her.She begged him not to hurt her, he didn’t want him to give him money and gold necklace. He said that he had been in love with her beauty for many years, and he had to sleep. Don’t want to get others, otherwise he would kill her.Liu Ying did not agree with 10,000. The man pierced her neck with a knife, and the blood flowed out immediately. Asked whether it was terrible or to be a body?There was no way, Liu Ying was scared, and said to the young man: Don’t hurt my life, I’ll give you it.

The man left with satisfaction.

Afterwards, Liu Ying called the police, and the young man was caught.

But this time, Liu Ying became pregnant.

Looking at Liu Ying, who kept crying, Li Jun believed that this was true.

Li Jun said: In that circumstances, you must keep your life tightly. Life is the first. I understand that you can forgive you, but I can’t forgive your pregnancy.

Liu Ying: I can’t help it, and I don’t know if I can conceive!

Li Jun: In the process of implementing adultery, your body caters to him. If you are half a push and a physiological reaction, you will ovulate, otherwise you will not get pregnant. I ca n’t stand it. Let ’s divorce!

Liu Ying wants to cry without tears, oh my god, this is retribution!

Almighty’s friend, is Li Jun said this situation?

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