Uncomfortable during pregnancy?Don’t be afraid, obstetric experts teach you to deal with the symptoms

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After pregnancy, with the significant changes in the level of hormones in the body, many expectant mothers will have various discomforts. In order to allow expectant mothers to spend more pleasant and smoothly through pregnancy, the obstetric professor lists you the following possible may occur.Various symptoms, as well as corresponding response measures.

The pathogenesis: During pregnancy, the gastrointestinal peristalsis, extension of emptiness time, and the absorption of water by the intestinal wall, coupled with the increase of the compression of the pregnancy uterus and the fetus, often causes constipation.

Copy measures: Drink a glass of boiling water every morning, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables with more cellulose, and exercise appropriate exercise daily to develop good habits of timely defecation.If necessary, you can take the laxative orally, such as Kaisailulu, Dulike, lubricate the intestine, making the feces easier to discharge.Avoid enema to avoid abortion or premature birth.

The pathogenesis: This is due to increasing the constipation of the uterine or pregnancy during the pregnancy, which is blocked by the hemorrhoid vein backflow, causing the pressure of the rectal vein to increase.

Copy measures: Eat more vegetables and fruits, eat less spicy food, sitting bath and taking a laxative can relieve the pain and swelling caused by hemorrhoids.

Incotional mechanism: Pregnant women are affected by endocrine changes, slow gastrointestinal peristalsis, parental rejection reactions, sensory sense of smell, and intestinal diseases.The person will cause dehydration and need to be hospitalized.

Copy measures: Oral vitamin B6 10-20mg, 3 times a day.Those with severe vomiting symptoms belong to pregnancy drama vomiting and need to be hospitalized to observe and treat.Pregnant women with burning sensation in the stomach should avoid bending and lying peacefully after meals, and active, or inhibitors such as aluminum hydroxide.

The pathogenesis: The joint ligament is relaxed during pregnancy, and the pregnancy uterus moves forward to move forward the center of gravity. The lumbar spine is forward, causing the back muscles to be in a state of continuous tension, and pregnant women often have slight low back pain.

Response measures: During rest, the pillow on the back of the back can relieve pain. If necessary, you should rest in bed rest, local hot compress, and take painkillers.If the pain is obvious, you should seek medical treatment in time and find out the reason.

The pathogenesis: Varic veins are due to increasing uterine compression of the lower cavity vein to increase the pressure of the stock vein, and gradually increased as the number of pregnancy increases.

Response measures: Wearing stretch socks should be avoided in the third trimester, wearing stretch socks. When sleeping at night, you should properly raise your lower limbs.

Pathogenesis: Pregnant women have increased iron demand for iron in the middle and late pregnancy, and they often replenish in insufficient diet alone.

Response measures: The iron replenishment began to supplement at the April to May. If anemia has occurred, the hospital should be treated in a timely manner to find out the cause and take the medication in time.

Pathogenesis: Pregnant women often have mild edema in the lower pregnancy and half part of the lower legs. After a break, it is normal.

Response measures: Take the left side position when sleeping, and the lower limbs are healed by 15 ° to improve blood flow.If the lower limb edema is severe and does not retreat after rest, the hospital needs to be visited in time to eliminate kidney disease and hypoproteinemia.

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