True cases | Two children who are preparing for pregnancy discover no sperm disease, the boss is the boss biological?

When I was preparing for two children, I accidentally found that the husband had sperm -free, so the question came -Is the first child still the flesh he gave birth?A couple in Guangdong really tangled about such a thing.The reporter from Guangzhou Daily · Xinhuacheng learned from the Guangdong Reproductive Hospital that fortunately, further examination found that it was the "ghost" of Y chromosomal lack.

During the occurrence: I found that the man was "sperm -free" when he was prepared for the second child

Mr. Wang is 45 years old and has a son.Since the son went to high school at high school, the couple always felt that the family was empty, so she was going to have another two children.

Considering the age of both sides, coupled with the stomach of the stomach for a while, there was no movement, so Mr. Wang and his wife went to the Eugenics Section of the Eugenics of the Gongsheng Hospital in Guangdong Province for eugenics.The eugenics genetic doctors suggested that the couple conduct men and women’s pre -pregnancy examination respectively.But this examination pushed their marriage to the cusp.

Mr. Wang was found no sperm found in the semen.The moment I got the report, Mr. Wang was very painful. Since he was a patient with no sperm, where did the son come from?

Mr. Wang suspected that his wife had an affair and felt that he was an injustice. For so many years, he wore a green hat and supported other people’s children.His wife is even more angry and sad, but has suffering.

Checking: Parent -child identification is returned to his wife innocent

The wife thought that she had a clear conscience and proposed to be a parent -child identification, and she was innocent.

A few days later, the couple took their son to the Judicial Appraisal of the Forensic Physician of the Guangdong Reproductive Hospital in Guangdong Province.After waiting anxiously, Mr. Wang finally got the appraisal opinion.

The identification results show that the child is Mr. Wang’s biological son.Mr. Wang was very happy, but there was still doubt in my heart: "Why do I have sperm in the semen in the past, but now there is no sperm in the semen?"

Experts from the Department of Gongsheng Genetics of the Hospital suggested that Mr. Wang for further inspection.The first is to check whether the sperm is not out of the vascular pipeline due to reproductive tract infections; the second is to see if there is a genetic defect that causes a decrease in the function of sperm.

In the end, Mr. Wang’s examination results came out and were diagnosed with a micro -chromosomal deletion (reporting: AZF C is missing), which turned out to be its "pounding ghost".

Experts doubt: Micro lack leads to decline in sexual quality

What is the lack of Y chromosome?

Zheng Lixin, Chief Expert of Equipment Genetic Hospital of Guangdong Reproductive Hospital, explained that each of us has 46 chromosomes, of which Y chromosomes are unique to men. Although it looks small, the function is not small, and it is played in the process of male sperm.Relaxing an important role.Y chromosomal long arms have a sperm -free factor (AZF) area that affects sperm, including AZFA, AZFB, and AZFC. The lack of these areas may cause men to be less essence, weakness, and spermatic.Among them, the lack of the AZFC region is the most common, accounting for about 80%, which is manifested as less essence, weak essence, and non -sperm, which can be performed.

Mr. Wang is a patient in AZF C, and semen quality decreases with age.When you are young, you may be manifested as less and weak, and under certain circumstances, the opportunity will cause the woman to conceive normally.

More guidelines: Be careful to the next generation

Zheng Lixin further pointed out that Mr. Wang’s son should be inherited to his father’s slightly lacking Y chromosomes. It is recommended to check semen after the age of 18. If there is sperm in the semen, you should apply for the freezing of sperm in the human sperm bank to give birth early to avoid following the followThe phenomenon of disorder occurred in age.

Micro -lack of Y chromosomes in these patients often expand during the transmission process, resulting in the occurrence of infertility.Therefore, before carrying out the auxiliary reproductive technology, you must accept the genetic consultation of eugenics, clarify the risks, and do a good job of informed consent, so that the medical institutions can carry out related treatment.

Text/Guangzhou Daily · Xinhua City Reporter: He Xuehua Correspondent: Zhang Ye, Cai Jiaqi, Gu Heng

Picture/Guangzhou Daily · Xinhua City Reporter: Chen Youzi

Guangzhou Daily · Xinhuacheng Editor: Wu Wanhong

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