Top ten questions about MRI?The radiologist of our hospital is to answer you one by one

Is the nuclear magnetic resonance tense?

Under what circumstances need to do MRI?

Why not wear jewelry for nuclear magnetic resonance examinations?

Is the nuclear magnetic resonance radiation on the body?

Can pregnant women do nuclear magnetic resonance examinations?


Do you have a lot of questions about MRI (MRI) inspection? It doesn’t matter. Yang Chao, deputy chief physician of the radiology department of the Fourth Hospital of the Provincial Hospital below


MRI checks indications and contraindications?

MRI is an English abbreviation for MRI’s resonance imaging. It is currently an important imaging diagnosis and examination of clinical clinical, also known as magnetic resonance and nuclear magnetic.

Indications: (1) Cranial brain and facial features: various tumors, inflammation, congenital developmental deformities, various cerebrovascular lesions (cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral infarction, cerebral vascular malformations, and cerebral cracking deformities), various trauma, parasitic diseases,Various types of genetic and metabolic diseases, pituitary imaging examination MRI preferred.(2) Cervical and chest: thyroid gland, parotid glands and neck soft tissue, chest (pulmonary and vertical) tumors, inflammation and other lesions, heart and large vascular lesions include psychological diseases and myocardial, pericardial lesions, aortic enlarges, pulmonary artery embolism.(3) Abdominal: Liver and gallbladder, pancreas, spleen, adrenal and kidney, bladder, prostate, uterus, and accessories of various types of tumors, inflammation, complex cysts and other lesions, biliary system lesions (MRCP imaging does not require contrast agent).(4) Spinal and bone joints: Various degenerative lesions and intervertebral disc deformation, swelling (protrusions) and discharge, spinal tubular stenosis, various tumors and tuberculosis, spinal cord lesions, trauma (ligament and tendon injury) and fractures.

Contraindications: (1) In the body with a pacemaker and coronary stent (2) there are metal foreign bodies in the body (3) Patients with fear of closedness (4) coma, unconscious patients (5) 3 months of pregnancy for 3 months of pregnancyInside.


MRI imaging principle and advantage

The MRI imaging is based on H+proton in water (H2O), and the principle of human biomagnetic auto rotation and resonance are based on the principle of conservation of energy conservation.

MRI advantage: ① multi -directional imaging, accurate positioning, high contrast imaging, detailed anatomical map.② Multi -sequence and multi -parameter imaging, provide rich diagnostic information, and the diagnosis is more accurate.③ The resolution of soft tissue is high, and the detection rate of lesions is high.④ MRI can be used as water and vascular imaging without a filmmaking agent. At the same time, MRI can also function imaging.⑤Mri can be used at any direction, which can observe human and energy metabolic research from 3D space, and can directly observe the biochemical blueprint of cell activity.⑥ MRI does not use contrast agents to observe the heart and vascular structure.⑦ No electricity off radiation without any damage.⑧The bone pseudo -shadow interference, the back skull concave lesions are clearly discerned.


Is MRI checking radiation?

When many people hear or see the word "nuclear" in the nuclear magnetic resonance, they will think of "nuclear radiation" and think that the MRI examination will have great radiation, which will cause great harm to the human body.In fact, the word "nucleus" in the MRI refers to the nucleus in the water, not the "nuclear" in nuclear weapons, which cannot be the same.MRI is an invasive and radiation inspection. MRI does not have nuclear radiation at all, and it will not release any radioactive substances. Therefore, MRI checks without any radiation hazards or physical damage to the human body; continuously in a short time in a short period of timeIt is also feasible to do MRI repeatedly.


Can I do MRI examinations during pregnancy?

Whether pregnancy can do MRI examinations is currently controversial.Some studies have shown that when the MRI electromagnetic field acts on the human body, it will produce a certain biological effect. Although the strong magnetic field is very small to the human body, it can even be ignored, but to the greatest degree of protection for pregnant women. ThereforePregnant women in the month generally do not do MRI examinations, because the development of fetal nervous system in the first three months is a critical period.Pregnant women before pregnancy must communicate with doctors with the doctor, and comprehensively consider the necessity of doing MRI examinations.Pregnant women are in the middle and late pregnancy, and MRI examinations have important value. MRI’s clarity is significantly higher than ultrasound. You can do MRI examination under the guidance of a doctor to effectively check the development of fetal skull, brain, and neuroshisa, exclude screening of fetal congenital defects(Such as lip cracks, cleft palate, congenital heart disease and valve disease), etc.) and so on.


Why is the price different from MRI?

Mainly two reasons: First, the MRI equipment instruments equipped with each hospital are different. MRI is divided into high-field machines (more than 1.0T), midfielder (0.5-1.0T), low-field machines according to the strong field (T)(Below of 0.5T) Three types of MRI machines, the higher the price of the field strength, the higher the price of the high -field machine than the middle and low -field machines.The second is related to the level of the hospital. The hospital is divided into three levels (three, three B), secondary (second, second, second B), etc. according to the level. The higher the hospital level, the higher the price of MRI inspection.


What are the experiences during the MRI inspection?

The appearance of the MRI is a large cylinder. The inspector will generally be scanned by the MRI alone. During the inspection, the subjects of the subject will be given appropriate size of earplugs or headphones, but the doctor will keep the intercom in an open state.The subject was during the inspection.During the inspection process, the subject will feel a little warm, and he hear a relatively large mechanical voice or impact sound. These are normal phenomena.When the subject is abnormal, he will inform the doctor through the walkie -talkie, or shout, or raise your leg to signal the staff.


Why can’t iron -containing substances be brought into the MRI room?

Because MRI will produce a large magnetic field, it will produce a strong attraction. Any iron -containing objects attracted by the magnet, such as oxygen cylinders, screwdrivers, sewing needles, stretchers, wheelchairs, etc.Absolutely prohibited from iron -containing substances into the MRI inspection room.


Why can’t people install a pacemaker do MRI examination?

Under the effect of MRI’s powerful magnetic field, people who install the pacemaker will cause abnormal work or stop of the pacemaker, which will cause serious accidents such as cardiac arrest and other serious accidents.People who install heart brackets and coronal stents are prohibited from doing MRI examinations.


Is the clinical needle needle as MRI safety?

Most of the re -needed needles are full -hosted materials without metal, which is almost no magnetic, so the impact is not great.At the same time, the kernel needle on the human body is generally not placed in the center of the magnet, which is safer.However, the traditional separation needle, because it is mostly metal -containing materials and the iron content is heavier, it is best to remove the nursing staff in advance before doing MRI inspections.


Why do I have insect climbing and noise when doing MRI?

When most people do MRI, the skin will feel insect climbing. This phenomenon is because the peripheral nerves are stimulated, also known as peripheral nerve stimulation effect, which generally does not cause damage to the human body.Because the human body is also a conductor in the MRI room, current will generate current in the changing magnetic field. This insect climbing effect is harmless, and MRI can disappear after the MRI examination is completed.The noise hear when doing MRI is caused by vibration or impact of current changes in the current in the gradient coil. The noise caused by MRI inspection is about 65-95DB.The inspector is protected by hearing.

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