Toothache during pregnancy?Be careful baby’s dysplasia or cause the baby’s abortion

"Toothache is not a disease, it hurts to hurt." This saying is used to describe toothache and it is not more appropriate.

But do you believe that toothache during pregnancy can make the fetus fatal?Because you ca n’t take medicine at will, the toothache during pregnancy is more painful than ordinary people. What is more serious is that if the pregnant mother does not deal with the problem of toothache in time, it can hurt the fetal life. This is not alarmist!

Ms. Zhen had been inflammation during pregnancy. I was repeated repeatedly, and I didn’t care about it at first. I thought it was just two days after getting angry. After two days of drinking porridge, I ate some fruits and vegetables.The heavier, the sides of the gum inflammation suddenly swollen.She was unbearable to go to the hospital. She found that she was caused by the inflammation of wisdom tooth tooth. What is even more terrible is that the medicine still did not improve after a few days.And because of the inflammatory face of gums became more and more obvious, not only could she not eat, but her throat was painful.Even later, I felt difficulty in breathing and could not lie flat. The family hurriedly sent her to the hospital.

After a doctor’s examination, Ms. Zhen was in her throat because her toothache spread to the throat, causing sore throat and pain. If it was not treated in time, it was likely to cause hypoxia in pregnant women and fetuses. The condition was very critical.Arrange her surgery on the same day.In order to live the safety of the fetus, doctors first have a cesarean section and then tooth extraction, so that they keep the mother and child’s life!

Regarding the issue of toothache during pregnancy, according to statistics, 50%of pregnant mothers will suffer this "calamity".This is because of the increase in the increase in progesterone, which stimulates the fine blood vessels of the gums and can easily cause pregnancy gums.For toothache during pregnancy, how can a bitter word be described.

one.Causes of estrogen elevations

Toothache during pregnancy is a common phenomenon. This is because the level of estrogen in the body after pregnancy is significantly increased, especially the elevation of progesterone levels can cause blood vessels in the gums and easily induce gingivitis.If you have gingivitis or toothy before pregnancy, you may be more serious after pregnancy, and the gums will also have significant hyperplasia, swelling, and bleeding.

two.Saltwater rinse

During the toothache during pregnancy, the expectant mothers can rinse or bite a piece of ginger slices with salt water every time. In addition, you can drink some oleat water, chrysanthemum water or honeysuckle water.The diet of expectant mothers should pay attention to light.If it hurts very well, it is recommended to go to the hospital to check if you have cavities or periodontitis and treat them in time.

three.No recommended tooth extraction

During pregnancy, tooth extraction is generally not recommended. This is because tooth extraction may cause miscarriage in the first three months of pregnancy. It may cause premature birth after eight months of pregnancy. In addition, tooth extraction or replenishment requires local anesthesia and postoperative medication.The fetus develops.Therefore, if the pain is really unbearable, try to choose 4-6 months of pregnancy as much as possible, this stage will be slightly safer.

Pregnant mommy wants to stay away from toothache during pregnancy. It is best to do oral care before pregnancy to prevent more treatment than treatment.In addition, you should brush your teeth sooner or later, supplement vitamins, care for oral health, and stay away from the "little fairy" from toothache during pregnancy.

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