Tire stop?Empty sac?Don’t worry about the new dad of pregnant mothers!Let’s talk about this one by one

Some people say that pregnancy is a mental work+physical work. I didn’t believe it before, but since the second fetus stopped, I believe it!

In October, some people said that the pregnant mother was the queen’s life in the past 10 months, but you don’t know what a mother has experienced in October in October?

At the beginning, I was looking forward to two bars. When the two bars appeared, I was looking forward to the fetal heart. When the fetal heart appeared, I was looking forward to Tang Si.Looking forward to the four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound, you can take a look at the baby. When the four -dimensional passes, you look forward to the sugar resistance. The 10 months of pregnancy, you often hover on the edge of the hospital, wait for the operating room at any time, wait for the operating room, regardless of whetherIt is surprise or scared, you have to suffer, this is the woman’s pregnant October.If a fetus suddenly stops in the middle, a woman will face abortion or induction of labor, and then start looking forward to the arrival of life again in 6 months.During the 10 months of pregnant mothers, they have to face the test of survival or death. Not only are they physiological but psychologically, at this time, new dads of pregnant mothers must hold up!

At 50 days of pregnancy, there is no yolk sac or fetal heart buds. The doctor said that the baby’s fetal stopping may be very large. After 10 days of seeing, when the result is 60 days, the doctor announced the child’s death notice.The fetal stop, as a "former" second -child treasure mother, I don’t think it ’s nothing. I come back from scratch. Although it is self -consolation, when the child draws away from the body, he still shed tears unconsciously.

Life is so joking, surprise and scarcation may be just an instant.

When pregnant mothers stop the fetus, they must check carefully, maybe the baby is not necessarily late.

As soon as someone sees the progesterone value, the fetus will start to keep the fetus. When you see that the progesterone is high, you can feel that you can do it high. In fact, it is not the only reference value. In addition to the progesterone, you also need to refer to the HCG value.

When a pregnancy test is performed, you will find that the progesterone value has a reference value. When the progesterone is lower than 10ng/ml, there is a risk of miscarriage or fetal discontinuation at any time. When the progesterone reaches about 15ng/ml,Tiger protection measures should be taken in time. Only when progesterone exceeds 15ng/ml to about 20ng/ml, it is a safe state.98%of unprepared pregnancy -induced pregnancy -induced plasma progesterone value is lower than 20ng/ml.That is to say, as long as you are naturally conceived and in the early pregnancy, the measured progesterone level is higher than 20ng/ml, then the possibility of ectopic pregnancy can be almost eliminated.

When I first took blood test, the progesterone was as high as 25, but I still did not stop the pace of the tire stop, so don’t trust the progesterone value, you also have to observe the double situation of HCG.

After the pregnant mother is successfully conceived, the fertilized eggs will swim from the fallopian tube to the uterus to bed. In order to settle the house firmly in the uterus, the fertilized eggs will extend a lot of small tentacles to grab the inner wall of the palace.HCG is a hormone secreted by human fleece. The full name is called chorionic gonadotropin.Small tentacles have a very important relationship with HCG. Through the value of HCG, we can see whether these little tentacles are growing normally and whether the baby is developing normally.This is why everyone uses HCG to measure the baby’s development.

HCG doubles refers to the number of values found 48 hours after the first blood test, and the value of the blood test again is doubled, and the doubling situation is limited to 8 weeks ago. In order to ensure the development of the embryo, there will be double conditions.After 8 weeks of pregnancy, HCG gradually decreases, and there may not be double the situation, so the embryo is good or not, it can be seen in about 8 weeks. If there is no double situation before 8 weeks, the new dad of pregnant mothers needs to consider carefully.It’s right.

Determine whether the embryo is normal, not the absolute value of the HCG, but the growth rate of the HCG value

As long as you are normal internal pregnancy, 90%of pregnant women are 6-7 weeks in front, and the HCG value detected in the blood is doubled by about every 48 hours; 85%cannot survive embryos, and the HCG value in the mother’s body is every 48 hours.The growth is less than 66%; if the value of the HCG increases by less than 2%every 48 hours, it indicates that the pregnancy eggs cannot survive.

HCG has doubled, do you want to protect your fetus?

Human fluff is a bridge connecting the mother and embryo. It is a channel for transportation nutrients. HCG doubles is not ideal. Then it means that the embryo does not develop well enough. Once HCG drops, there will be no hope.HCG doubles that the embryo itself is not good, and even if the fetus is barely protected, the fittest will be eliminated.Because supplementing HCG can not truly stimulate embryonic development, even if the blood test HCG rises is the result of artificial supplement, it is not produced by the embryo itself. The significance of replenishing HCG by injections is not significant.

After knowing pregnancy, pregnant mothers will go to the hospital to find a B -ultrasound to see the baby’s development. Some pregnant mothers have not seen the yolk sac and fetal buds in about 8 weeks, so they start to be nervous and anxious, but maybe the baby may be the baby.It’s just late.B -ultrasound is just a reference value, and it must also combine HCG value and progesterone value.If the progesterone value is better than 15ng/ml and HCG, it is better to wait for a week before watching it for 1 week. Don’t judge easily.

After experiencing an empty sac, after 4 B -ultrasound, 5 times the blood test, even if you do not die, you still insist on waiting for 1 week. When all the signs indicate that the best decision you make isLet go.

When life goes far, as a mother, you can only bless, and wish her the next place to be better, then cheer up, adjust herself, and look forward to the next life of life.

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