Tips for pregnancy

Constipation is a very common phenomenon during pregnancy, especially in the late pregnancy, expectant mothers with abdomen stools have become unable to have regular defecation or defecation difficulties.While waiting for a long time, we must endure irregular peristalsis of the intestine and the pain of secondaryly.There are some tricks that can help you defecate more smoothly, get rid of the troubles of constipation and pregnancy at the same time.

Some pregnant women will cause constipation during pregnancy, and the changes in hormone levels caused by pregnancy will slow down the movement speed of the digestive system and slow intestinal peristalsis.Some people even have constipation before pregnancy, and pregnancy has aggravated their pain.Fortunately, no matter which situation you belong to, the solution is the same.

In addition to bringing a simple and uncomfortable feeling, there are other side effects.Some long-term constipation patients will cause hemorrhoids in the later stage-varicose veins in the rectum, which is much more painful than the constipation itself.

A simple way to effectively avoid constipation during pregnancy

Change of some lifestyles can help you avoid constipation, and can also relieve the pain of constipation patients.If you start to change now, you will find that these techniques can really take effect a few days later, but only if you adhere to these habits for a long time can you keep the intestinal movement of exercise.

Drink more water

Just drinking more water can help you defecate more frequently and reduce the difficulty of defecation.Keeping moisture is important to everyone, especially during pregnancy.You must consume enough water every day, and you will find that the problem of constipation is greatly reduced.This proposal is suitable for constipation in any period, not just women during pregnancy.

Eat more dietary fiber

Fiber is widely distributed in nature and rich in content. For example, many fruits and vegetables, as well as beans and some grains, contain a large amount of dietary fiber.These natural sources can help your intestinal movement easier and regular.If you already have constipation, some people recommend using plum juice as a natural laxative, pregnant women can eat some Ximei every day to help attacks to avoid constipation.

exercise more

Exercise can help you maintain normal intestinal exercise, which is a small common sense in life.It is not necessary to participate in an aerobic fitness class, nor do you need to run a few kilometers a day.Simply increase the amount of exercise of a day can improve your intestinal function.You can take a walk nearby, or take a few more steps at work.You can even swim in the swimming pool, or go out to exercise with your friends -anything that can move your body and make your heartbeat accelerate, it is good for your overall health, whether or not you are during pregnancy.

Pay attention to calcium intake

Excessive calcium content in food can cause constipation, and many dairy products are rich in large amounts of calcium.Drinking milk or eating milk products will reduce intestinal motility and have no vitality.

Constipation caused by drugs

Some drugs increase the possibility of constipation.A culprit for constipation during pregnancy may be prenatal vitamins rich in iron.Iron vitamins usually help pregnant women prevent anemia.If your intestine is too sensitive to this vitamin, change it.You can try to prevent anemia by changing the diet structure.

If the above methods cannot solve the problem of constipation, as the final means, the drug can help relieve constipation.

Taking medicines for treating constipation during pregnancy may be more likely to have side effects. Before taking any drugs, you must consult your doctor. Even the non -prescription drugs commonly used in pharmacies cannot be taken lightly.If you have severe constipation, you can take drugs such as fibrous pills and laxatives to help relieve the painful symptoms of constipation.For women during pregnancy, not all drugs are safe and effective. Before taking, you can carefully ask the experienced medical staff and get accurate answers to rest assured.

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